So I have fully built this computer on Wednesday 11/23/16 and fully usable on Thursday 11/24/16, which yes was Thanksgiving. The only problem I had which didn't allow me to have my computer fully operational on Wednesday was because there were some missing drivers (Internet Adapter Driver which I got off of the Asus website) that I had to install through an external computer with a flash drive. Now my computer has been in use for about a week and even when you put the computer on the Power Saving mode (which makes the computer quieter and power efficient but loses some performance which I did through the bios) it was still able to beast out games at 60 FPS and max settings consistently such as Rocket League or Cities: Skylines. The computer looks very nice and I am proud every single day when I see it sitting on my desk and humming (In a good way) and the setup to it was very easy as well! And mostly I do you use the computer for gaming for short or long periods of time and it works very well.

I only have one problem left and that is that I cannot get the NZXT logo on my liquid cooler is not lighting up but there is one wire that doesn't go anywhere on the cooler. I have looked everywhere on the build and cannot find a spot for it so if someone could help me with this problem that would be much appreciated!

Backstory (Short) My friend and I have been planning to build a computer since around August of 2016 and we really got into the PC lifestyle. Before we didn't know any better and used laptops which barely got 2 FPS on the simpilist of games. We decided we'd get our computers around Black Friday because we didn't have unlimited money so we wanted the cheapest possible deal. I ordered my parts Saturday, Sunday, and Monday before Thanksgiving so all my parts would ship in around Thanksgiving. My friend sadly could not get the money for his build (Which is around 1700 USD) and has to wait until after December to get his full computer. So ya that's basically the back story... RIP Friendomundo

I'll be happy to answer any questions in the comments!

Part Reviews


Simple and easy setup. Does really good with multitasking and runs everything really well.

CPU Cooler

Still trying to figure out why the NZXT logo won't turn on but otherwise it's very silent and keeps my CPU ridiculously cool.


Awesome motherboard with simple BIOS. I'm pretty sure this was the piece that came with Windows 10 Home and McAfee for free! Also, Asus tech support helped with any questions I had.


Sufficient amount of RAM and really nice breathing white LED's.


Stores everything that's needed very well.

Video Card

Cools very well and runs super well. All games at max settings, 60FPS, and 1080p!


Great design and can't take my eyes off it! So NIIIIICCCCEEEE!

Power Supply

Nice and simple. Cables only have netting around it no real cover.


Basic speakers. Can handle songs and gameplay quite easily.


Sucky keyboard that makes a weird, high pitched noise whenever in blinking mode. Mouse is really good though!


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better cable management and sleeved cable extensions are recommended.

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Ya I will do that in the future but for now I'm just gonna have to live with it

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Hahahaha lol

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horribad photos.

Seriously, you obviously worked hard on your new rig, show it justice with some good pics! :)

I really dig your parts list...very very reasonable approach! Enjoy!

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Haha I will upload better photos I just wanted to get the list up. Thanks though!

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Um, the kraken x31 doesn't come with a LED on the cooler.

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Would not have gone with a 1060 gpu especially if you are going to be using this for gaming just remeber to spend more on your gpu rather than things like a NZXT Kraken X31 69.5 CFM Liquid and the z170 mother board probely could have gotten a 1070 instead.

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I was going to do what you're suggesting but I thought that I might stay a little bit cheaper and go for the 1060. I didn't want to spend too much money and wanted to still have a nice looking computer but in the end I thought the 1060 would be enough.