This is version 2 of a build I started a couple of months ago - I already have a slightly old, 2012 MacBook Pro for things like browsing, watching movies, etc. and needed a medium priced PC for more CPU/GPU intensive stuff, like gaming or photo editing. Nothing too fancy, but I wanted it to look good so the choices were also a result of vanity over sanity. It all took around 30 minutes to build and another 30 for the wire management. The S340 was a dream to work with. Over time, I made several small-ish upgrades (almost weekly) since I built it.

I replaced the Intel stock cooler with a Corsair AIO (I know, a bit of an overkill, especially for a locked CPU) which decreased the gaming temperature with 16 degrees C, from 66 to 50. Plus that it looks so much better than the stock one! Also did some more wire management, added some RGB fans instead of the stock ones and also a couple of 5050 addressable LED strips. It all boils down to around 1,000 EUR.

NB The items w/o any price were the ones I pre-owned.

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

Easy to put together and to mount. Plug and play and very effective.


If you're not looking to have more than one GPU or 2 m.2 SSD, than this is definitely the budget choice! Works great, good drivers and easy to install everything on it.


Best m.2 SSD you can buy - all 860 Evo series is a win from Samsung.

Video Card

So far it works like a charm for games like SW: Battlefront 2 or Assassin's Creed Odyssey with maximum video settings. Never went above 66-67 degrees Celsius, even after 12 hours of gaming.


Really wanted an NZXT case for multiple reasons, primarily for the design and wire management efficiency. Can't really go wrong with it. Looks great and it's a pleasure to mount everything and do some cable management after.

Power Supply

Modular, silent, easy to install and with great performance. I use half the power it can provide for maximum performance.

Wireless Network Adapter

Great speed and usability - super easy to work with, just plug and play. I am 2 rooms away from the router and I get speeds of ~220 Mb/s for download and 180 Mb/s for upload.

Case Fan

Easy to setup, however the wire is a bit short to re-route through the back if you plan on using the mobo fan controllers and it's a tad noisy. Other than that the PWM works like a charm.


Best gaming kb these money can buy! RGB and manoeuvrability at its best!


Best gaming kb these money can buy! RGB and manoeuvrability at its best!

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