This is my second build this year and after having my PC building allowance cut after my first build (wife saw the cost) I decided to go cheap and build my own case to enable a smaller foot print. Since I like to see the parts in a PC I decided to put the main components outside the case and only the psu and storage hidden away in a box also to make the unit small enough to sit on a shelf and look presentable.

The Intel LGA775 mobo is from 2010 and the BIOS is very rigid so no overclocks able. The core 2 quad 9550 @2.83Ghz is about the limit this board can take and it would not boot up with ram higher than 1066mhz, most modern boards would have scaled it back.

But since I would use this PC for traditional desktop activities and youtube I don't think its all bad.

Also got to say a word about the one case fan I used that has a very nice white glowing halo and is PWM plus cheap, is as quiet as my corsair fans on other build. I decided to add this because of the silent GPU that could get a bit warm and the northbridge that deffo gets a bit warm.

Decided to use 9mm ply wood for the box but half inch timber for the ends to give some solidity. Painted the inside black and covered the outside in black 3D carbon fibre vinyl. I like the effect of this but could be done much tidier than I did, there is a few tatty bits.

The top just lifts clear and is not attached to the box and decided on 25mm stand-offs to give good air flow below the mobo.

Some benchmark results to make Gamers cringe: Superposition CPU performance at 720p Low scored 1729 with average 12.94 fps. Cinebench R20 CPU 670cb.

Will not be doing much gaming but will be doing much more building yes.

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

Originally used an Intel stock cooler that was running flat out for most of the time but this unit rarely needed to run too fast and the fan is very quiet. The CPU temp index is around 23deg and individual cores around 36-40deg. Also it looks smart.


Would not use anything else, has not let me down and is fast.

Video Card

2GB more than enough for what I need and is silent. Since the case fan is pointing at it the cpu temp is only 32deg. No issues but have not really streched it.

Wireless Network Adapter

This is excellent, no messing about with network cables.

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