Originally built this PC as a "budget PS4" destroyer with an RX 470 but after some time I decided I needed a little more power and in came the GTX 1070. Besides gaming I use it as a schoolwork and video editing workhorse

Few notes for anyone wanting to replicate this build:

-Get a modular PSU, seriously

-if you got the cash (i.e not a broke college student) opt for a larger OS drive because this isn't pretty

-i5 bottlenecks in some CPU heavy games, would opt for an i5 6600/7600k or i7 6700/7700k and a Z1/270 mobo

-Black edition 1070 doesn't have a back plate (seriously EVGA?) so if you don't like a naked graphics card get the regular SC

-RL2455HM can OC to 76hz max (I currently have it running at 2560x1440 76hz)

Part Reviews


overall solid board only issue is the lack of fan headers


It's RAM, doesn't overheat and hasn't fried my system so it's good in my book


for a cheap m.2 drive its not bad, boots my system in 5 seconds


Only had this drive for a few months and crystal disk info is claiming its got 3 bad sectors

Video Card

great card for 1080/1440p ultra gaming and if you turn down settings you can dabble a bit with 4k


Cable management bar hides my spaghetti, and comes with two fans! What more can a guy ask for?

Power Supply

Quiet and hasn't fried my system

Operating System

don't pay full price for windows


colors are kinda ehh, but its a TN panel so that's to be expected, otherwise it overclocks to 76hz just fine


if it wasn't for this mouse I'd still be using a controller in FFXIV, seriously this is a solid mouse


Audio quality isn't horrible, but it still isn't anything to write home about. For $20 you get your money's worth


magnetic led strips make mounting easy and the actual controller looks pretty in your case

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  • 36 months ago
  • 1 point

Hey man. Nice build, I'm giving this a +1. Would you mind telling me what BIOS version your motherboard came with and where you ordered it? Unless you already owned this board and you can disregard my question. :) And why stock cooler?

  • 35 months ago
  • 1 point

Motherboard's BIOS came at 1.0 but I updated to 7.10 for a future Kaby Lake upgrade, and the stock cooler does an acceptable job of cooling my cpu but I'll probably be replacing it soon

  • 34 months ago
  • 1 point

nice build! +1

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