This computer was built to serve two purposes, the primary one being gaming. This computer performs very well under heavy GPU and CPU loads, and manages to stay cool through all the benchmarks I can find with the exceptions of FurMark and Prime95. All of the components in my list fit well into the case and look attractive, but I would recommend buying a motherboard with WiFi built in if it is at all possible. As far as rough benchmarks, this system scores on average an 855 in the CPU stress test in Cinebench, and averages about 64.3 frames per second in the Unigine Valley Benchmark at 1080p with max settings. While the mother board has room for two more GPUs, the power supply has all available power outlets occupied in this build, so a larger power supply would be recommended for anybody that wishes to upgrade their system with addition graphics cards in the future.

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That ram is lookin' a e s t h e t i c