I originally specced a ryzen 5 2400g and related hardware for about a $800-1000 CAD depending on price fluctuation, including OS or not, and where I placed the bulk of the budget. I also originally planned on using my 4k tv as a display and just running it at a lower resolution.

I quickly realized that in order to get a minimum resolution of 1080p and decent framerate, I'd have to quietly substitute parts and buy a graphics card with or without the wife's permission. I DID eventually tell her of all changes and budget increases, although sometimes only once the product had shipped. Boy, I'm glad I did.

As a first time builder, i did have to do a ton of research and ask questions that would maybe be common knowledge to some people but i think it paid off because everything i bought did work together so that was awesome. I especially looked over the qvl for the motherboard to find ram that was proved to run at 3200mhz and was able to plunk it in, enable the xmp profile and it immediately just worked.

Based on research, I already knew of some of the shortcomings of my hardware, ie; the cpu cooler points towards the top of the case and planned for extra case fans accordingly, also there's only one cpu fan header and one system fan header on the mobo and bought splitters to run the 6 total fans (also made sure the amperage didn't exceed the rating on the headers).

As i got parts, i installed what i could right away and set other pieces aside for the time being. The ram was the last piece and I kept refreshing the tracking to see when it was available for pickup as i had missed the delivery earlier in the day. It was already late in the evening but I still spent a couple hours making sure everything was installed correctly and cables were run in what seems like a logical sense to my eyes and then nervously hit the power button. IT BOOTED INTO THE UEFI! I was overjoyed!

My windows usb was a failure the first try but I think I accidentally copied over the files with some drivers and other essential programs. The second try was a success, I installed windows 10 and promptly went to bed.

The next night was purely driver updates, bios updates, program installs, benchmarking and stress tests. Everything seems to work great, cpu and gpu temps hover around 30C as I write this with a couple programs running and I don't think I've seen temps above 70C ish while gaming for long periods but ill have a better look tomorrow and update accordingly. UPDATE: gpu hits 70-74C at 50-55% fan speed in heaven depending on the scene.

I have overclocked the gpu +100mhz on the core and +250mhz on the memory and it's been stable for me through firestrike and gaming. Oddly, sometimes my cpu jumps from 30ish percent usage while gaming and streaming to 100% while running forza but i think thats the game rather than hardware related. I did have it up to +150 and +375 respectively and if I remember correctly it was stable in forza but would immediately crash in firestrike. I haven't touched the core voltage of the gpu yet and cant decide if it's worth the risk, maybe you have some input for a novice pc gamer.

Overall, i'm super happy with my build and get over or around 60fps in games with the settings maxed out and thats fine for me. I could've gotten cheaper components across the board quite easily and gotten similar results but i wanted headroom for future upgrades without bottlenecks elsewhere and to (almost anyways) guarentee compatability with other parts. In my eyes i succeeded in that regard.

I didn't go full mechanical keyboard, I had a very cheap rubber dome wireless keyboard previously and this razer ornata seemed like a good stopping point between full mechanical and full rubber dome. I love it so far but the wife hates how loud it is (even though it's not as loud as some mechanical switches) so maybe I need to look at some of the quieter cherry switch equipped keyboards at a later date.

The mobo has led's and I didn't think the wife would like them but once she saw the colour shift she said it needs more.

I'll take some pictures of the rig tomorrow, it's late. I'm pretty happy with the cable management.


Went from building an $800ish APU based pc to a $2100 CPU+GPU rig for the frames. Noob builder; did a TON of research and part swapping based on said research. Building was a blast. Booted first try. Installing windows gave me a bit of grief. It seems cool temp wise, runs games on ultra or equivalent settings very well. Keyboard is worlds better, wife hates it. Could've built a similar performing computer on the cheaper but didn't. Wifey wants MOAR RBG. Haven't o/c'd the cpu yet, it boosts to 4.2ghz under normal situations but 3.9 under stress tests.

Part Reviews


Seems beastly but that's not surprising, my laptop had a 2.1ghz dual core cpu. I went with the X variant so I wouldn't really need to overclock.

CPU Cooler

Does the job well enough for my needs.


Great motherboard for my uses. Wifi was terrible before I did some driver updates, now it's only slightly slower than a wired connection. UEFI is pretty simple which is good for me. Already updated for second gen ryzen out of the box from where I ordered it. Only two fan headers but they're 2 amp so you can easily run splitters off them or get a hub. M.2 connection was a bonus for me.


Works great with my cpu/mobo, xmp got me to 3200mhz with no effort.


Blazing fast, 2.5gb/s sequential reads and 1.4gb/s writes. Runs really hot for me though being that my m.2 slot is on the back of the motherboard and it gets very limited airflow if any at all. Idle temps are around 58-64C and it hit 83 max while running all the tests in crystaldisk.

Case Fan

They're quiet, no frills fans. not much to say.


Great monitor so far, lots of adjustment to find the sweet spot. I immediately went online and used a recommended color profile so that probably helped. Audio passthrough in nice, has all the connections I need and none that I don't. Freesync in case I go with team red next go around.

UPDATE: same day, the monitor is showing a white screen while in use now. Flipping the power switch on the backside and disconnecting display cables for a while temporarily fixes the issue but it returns.

Update 2, there's a lose connector somewhere, if you move the panel a certain way, you get a white screen. If you wiggle it a bit or tilt, etc, it comes back. Will be returning/replacing.

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  • 19 months ago
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man, as a future 'first time pc builder' you made me feel much more confident. I know i'm gonna run into problems, but it seems that you got through it pretty effortlessly as i hope to as well.

Big congrats on finishing the build.

(hope the wifey wasn't too mad haha)


  • 19 months ago
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Yeah man, it's really not too bad. I'd say, "lego for adults," is pretty accurate. Take your time planning, make sure you check qvl's if you want to be on the safer side of compatibility. Forums are a great place to get your questions answered, I used the linus tech tips forum for example and replies came in very quickly.

Thanks for the comments!


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Hey , Great build! and I'm using some similar parts in my first build. couple of questions on the fans.

you mention a splitter for 6 fans. so there is two stock fans in the case or counting the GPU ? can you elaborate how you calculated the amperage? also you split it 3/3 on the headers or one for cpu cooler and 5 on the other. any help would be awesome thanks :

  • 19 months ago
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Yeah, there's two case fans that came with it, one for the cpu cooler, and I bought 3 more to fill it out for 6 in total. I found a spec sheet for the be quiet fans and they take about .1 amps each, the cooler master ones I couldn't find which ones they were exactly without taking them out but I checked a bunch of models and they ranged from .1-.4amps so I should be well under the limit (1 amp max or so for the two cm fans and one be quiet, about .3 amps for the three other be quiet fans.)

Gigabytes spec sheet for my motherboard lists the fan headers as capable of a 2amp max.

I bought two, three way splitters. The two top fans and the cpu fans are on the cpu header since the cpu cooler points to the top of the case. The two front intake and one rear exhaust fan are on the system fan header.

  • 19 months ago
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Awesome! thanks for the quick response. I'll be sure to check the Amps before plugging all my fans in!