I built this system for gaming and as a digital audio workstation. It was completed in March of 2017 and runs extremely well. I found it easy to build and set up. The care is very open and that made it easy to install everything with ease.

Part Reviews


Runs very smooth, easy to install and it can reach 4.8GHz.

CPU Cooler

Easy to install and runs so quiet I can't hear it


Instructions are very easy to follow and understand. Easy to install and very easy to update. Navigation in the BIOS is super easy.


Easy to install with just a snap in place and no issues at all. Runs as expected.


Fastest drive I have ever used by far. I put my OS on here and game I want to run in 4K. it defrags in just 3 or 4 seconds for real, I was shocked.


Excellent drive, very quiet and easy installation.

Video Card

Faster than anything I have ever had, only uses about half the rated memory with full 4K settings so it has lots of room left over. Clock speed can reach 1800 from what I have seen so far without any overclocking other than system BIOS.


Very easy to install everything. Extremely quiet and easy to keep clean. The directions are easy to follow. It never gets hot even when gaming. The standard fans that come with it do just fine, and there is enough room for more on top and the bottom.

Power Supply

Very easy to install. Instructions are easy to follow, cables are of good quality and it came with a bag to put the extra parts in for future use. Does not seem to produce much heat.

Operating System

Easy installation VIA a USB drive, took only a few minutes with the fast SSD I put in.


Excellent monitor! I never played games in 4K until now and the graphics are amazing. There are easy settings to use on the right back side. I did need to turn on V-sync for some games even though the G-sync was supposed to take care of the tearing, but it's just a matter of programming I'm guessing. It didn't take long to set up and figure out the correct settings for certain games.


  • 22 months ago
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did you put a sticker on the heat sink of your cpu? that thing is gonna melt

  • 22 months ago
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Probably not. Since it is on the aluminum and not the copper it should be fine. The worst that will happen is the adhesive will wear off due to the heat and the sticker will fall onto the gpu.

  • 22 months ago
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The stickers are semi-metallic, and are stuck on extremely well. Thanks for sharing the comments. I didn’t think they were very noticeable.