This was my very first build made in 2012 I believe. I was on a strict budget and spent probably around $600 total but I can't quite remember.

All of these parts are still functional and I have them sitting in a sort of "spare parts build".

I don't see too many people posting their older builds so I figured I'd throw my OG build up for fun.

I know the pictures are terrible, it's all I have...

Part Reviews


I decided on this CPU after some experience with a Phenom II X4 960T. I wanted to go the Intel route to see how it performed against the Phenom. Overall I was pretty happy but ultimately wished I would've ponied up for the i5.


Solid MicroATX budget board that has held up and given me zero issues. Not full of features but it just works.


It's RAM. Old and slow but still kickin'.


This is still alive 5 years later which is amazing. It started as a regular boot/storage drive but now acts only as storage in a newer build.

Video Card

I didn't know a ton about PC hardware at the time so I just went with this since it fit the budget. It served me well for what I was playing.


A case that works for the price range. Cable management can be a pain but you get what you pay for.

Power Supply

This PSU is still alive 5 years later so I guess I can't say anything bad about it. It's not modular but again this was in a budget build.

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