Took 6 Hours To Build Then 3 Hours To Do Cable Management I Ended Up Re Doing It 3 Times Due To Finding More Hard Drives And Wanting A Nice Fit. I Use It For Gaming And After A Week Its Been A Beat on all games it came with Ghost Recon And On Ultra Settings It Runs Perfectly Fine With No Frames Drops At 60FPS.

Part Reviews


Ive Had This A Week And It Can Overclock to 4.5Ghz by motherboards ( MSI Z270 TOMAHAWK ATX LGA1151) automatic overclock only had it on for 10 minutes and haven't done any benchmarks to make sure its stable.

CPU Cooler

The LED on this is not the best and can be improved sadly but apart from that it keeps my CPU Very cool and is almost silent!


This Motherboard Came With A Deal With My CPU and I am extremely glad I grabbed it the LEDs on this are not to brightest but still give it a nice glow the bio's is very simple to use and over clock


I LOVE THIS RAM! This Software (Corsair Link4) Was Extremely Hard To Find But I Found it in the end, I saw this and fell in love with it im RGB crazy and it goes with my build

Video Card

Wow! This thing is a beast but sadly when over clocking if you purple screen not black screen or red or anything on purple, it will loose connection to the GPU and you cannot monitor anything the temps the clock speed everything drops I had to reboot 3 times for the monitoring software to work again (MSI afterburner, Asus GPU tweak 2) But Apart From That Its Been amazing and at a steady clock speed of 2Ghz


This Case Was Very Nice To Build In And Not To Heavy Either, There Is A lot Of support For Cable Management On The Back But at The Front Trying To Wire Things Into The Motherboard Was very Hard Since There Was No Way To Get To The Bottom Of The Motherboard Without the cables going a long distance. also if you have a long PSU and a lot of wires they will come out the end but apart from that I love it!

Power Supply

This Was Over Kill For My Build but I wanted it in case I decide to do a big upgrade in the future I don't have all the wires connected and is extremely neat.

Case Fan

These Fans Were Brought to Go With My Corsair Crystal 570x RGB and it works perfectly ive had this a week and played around with it but sadly I cant find anyway to change fan speed.


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Love the build! The time spent for cabling sounds about right and you did a good job. That is pretty sweet RAM, in fact, If I've seen it before in a build I've forgotten about it, whereas I don't think I'll forget those sticks anymore.
I'm pretty sure the front sp fans are going to run static. I know your controller has a speed button so I'm not exactly sure where your issue is. Consider a future upgrade to the HD Corsairs. PWM fans should give you the option you're looking for, however it will require a new fan controller.

Great write up too!

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Thanks Man, Well I would like to think there is a speed controller but there's not only the speed for the LEDS to change colour which is kind of lame but I will up grade in the future but right now only 4 of my fans work until my GPU is under load because the other two are contracted to it

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Great build! I saw your review on the case fans and if you buy the three pack it comes with a hub for up to six fans and a controller that can control speed and color and the way the color is like make it flash

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Yes Only For The Colours, Animations And Animations Speed