I planned to buy this machine for dual role - Gaming & architectural work. Both required good graphics and best processing speed. So planned to buy i7 Processor with MSI Graphic Card. So I traversed to pcpartpicker site which help to add parts in the build list and check compatibility. I got total 15 parts considering best availability/option. Here it goes the detailed analysis of all the 15 parts which I got:

  • 1) i7-7700K processor for its overclocked option availability and 4.2 Ghz uncloaked performance. This processor desn't came with cooling fan, So added Cooler master fan on it.

  • 2) MSI Motherboard, B250M was only available & compatable option from MSI boards else I have to opt for Gigabyte/Asus, depending upon local store.

  • 3) Corsair Vengeance RAM 2 * 8Gb because of parallel processing of two similar RAM's gives better performance than 1 * 16Gb Ram.

  • 4) SSD 120 Gb, Only requirement was to quick boot-up time and quick access to heavy files while processing architectural tools. Got kingston, as per availablity and quite good reviews.

  • 5) Considering the need in future use, opted for 2Tb HDD, Seagate was my trusted and best performing brand.

  • 6) MSI GTX 1060 6GB graphic card compatible with system & motherboard.

  • 7) Cooler Master K380 Cabinet, beacuse of its good looks and lighting led's.

  • 8) PSU V650, as per my requirements I need 474W, checked this on outervision and on coolermaster. But I opted 80+ gold rated 650W, considering the buffer for next level usage. As my system may be in time need to run for 48-72 hours continously, so Gold rated was considered.

  • 9) LG DVD writer as LG is the best option when it comes to burners, read good reviews for it and I used their burners in my earlier machine as well. So it was my trusted brand for this. I tried to add Blu-Ray reader but it was not available and it can increase my build cost by 5K, so dropped this idea for now, may be in future I'll add it.

  • 10) Windows 10 Pro was the best available option in windows that I got with MS Office installed.

  • 11) I need Keyboard & mouse for daily use with condition of wireless connectivity and cool design, so opted for Logitech MK345, which is quite decent and comfort in performing tasks.

  • 12) APC - BR1000G, considering the usage from outervision, it requires 750V, so considering the buffer level, I was considering above 800V UPS. Then I read few articles and found good reviews for APC, so ordered APC 1100V considering buffer for utilisation. I got 5 ports in this for connection, satisfied with this product as it gives me power saving and may other options.

  • 13) HP 24es screen, as for gaming & work, I need quite a big screen with good resolution. So HP was the option which gives me 1080*1920 resolution with thinnest LED in this range. I got this on discount of 1K as well.

  • 14) For webcam, I opted Logitech that is quite good & trusted brand for good range of products. I got c310 insted c217 beacuse c310 gives me 5MP camera and 1080 recording options. Its a decent product in low price options.

  • 15) TP Link Wifi adapter, to access wifi - Got this in best possible price.

I assembled this complete build offline, with all parts arranged/available in local store. It saved me 15K comparing amazon discounted products.

Part Reviews


Good processing speed with overclocking option.


I guess it doesn't support overclocking


Good performance with parallel processing.


6Gb/s reading speed thats good for SSD. But its not the best in various other range of products


Best product, Good speed, Overall works great

Video Card

Good performance with single fan and overclocked feature


Best casing with Red Led's in front and left side transparent, gives a better look from branded systems.

Power Supply

80+ Gold Rated, 5 years Warranty. Best in this range

Optical Drive

Trusted Brand, Best performance in this range of burners.

Operating System

Best with all available options, Boots up in just 15 sec


Nice features comparing older versions. Can works online as well.


Nice Keyboard & mouse, Blue color on base enhances its beauty. No LED lights lacking its night beauty.


Nice product with power saving options. Available software to enhance its performance and improves battery utilization.

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  • 33 months ago
  • 1 point

Lots of rupees. Nice build.

  • 33 months ago
  • 1 point

Need to spend for quality product. Thanks

  • 33 months ago
  • 1 point

I hope you didn't rate that motherboard 3 stars just because it couldn't overclock. It's sorta your fault for not spending an extra minute researching the differences between all the chipsets. Otherwise, +1

  • 32 months ago
  • 2 points

Actually board is perfect, you are right it deserves +1, and about overclocking, I did little more survey but after purchase. Yeah, it can be overclocked but need to manually not automated software to do add on available on this.

  • 31 months ago
  • 1 point

Why are motherboard so expensive in India.