2018 June Update: In my friends I.T class they had a surplus of old computer hardware and I went in and took a look at what it was they had available. I bagged a new Fan, HDD, CPU, and Dvd Drive. Now I am set and complete.

This is the scrap my brother threw at me as this was his first gaming computer, for about a year and a half before he upgraded. Everything was free of charge except for the headphones. Currently I've been trying to do some experiments such as Janky VR. The tests are coming beck very well for myself. I'm looking to upgrade soon as well and pass this on to a friend who would be more than willing to take this. I upgraded from the: Toshiba Satellite C55T-A5218. Gaming on that was way less of an experience than what I have now.

(12/18/17) The parts list has been updated after I went and looked at model numbers on the parts individually. The list is fully updated and pictures have been added. As Random as they are I hope they are still enjoyed.

(12/12/17) More detailed info should be coming soon on this computer setup as well as pictures. Some parts are not what I have. So I have to go look into my system to find them.

Just another note here, I live streamed games on my laptop and my desktop. Here's the links for comparison.



Part Reviews


Fastest thing I own. Also it's the fastest out of all my friends as well.

CPU Cooler

Has an uncomfortable hum sound when the pump is active. Went and got a fan controller for the radiator fans as well to control those loud boys. Note these fans have 3 performance settings which include Silent, Performance and Overclocking.


Has an easy UEFI to go through. Has everything I need. Except usb 3.0 headers. But it's fine.


I would add another to my system. But money is an issue.

Video Card

I bought this from a guy in a Meijer parking lot. He was an alright dude just looking to render things and this was a blast for him and now a blast for me.


Looks good. Is small. Front IO is weak though. No cable management but nothing the drive bays can't handle.


It does what it's supposed to do. Easy buttons, IPS, 1080p, and has speakers. The speakers aren't good though. It has an audio port for some speakers. I never got mine to work. I must not have the right drivers? or must not know enough to make it work.


Super easy, Loud, Changeable Keys, Backlit, and Media Controls. I have some white keys that I had at home from old keyboards and replaced the keys. Fun, Funny, and Easy.


I didn't know how to turn the breathing effect off for the longest time until I downloaded their software. I got this mouse from my brother.

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