I built this PC to play my games using nvidia surround across three monitors, at some point I will be adding a second gpu which is why I purchased the the rm1000. Not a huge fan of the case but it looks cool. Mounting the h100i was a pain because I had to take the top compartment off the case in order to do it and the fans are really close to the CPU. So far I have been pleased with the build but I have run into an issue that I have never seen before. I think it is the Intel rapid storage technology causing my pc to power back up even when I shut it off. It is not the psu because I have tested different power supplys with the same result. The cable management was a breeze with the full modular psu however I think it was a little ridiculous that the 6 pin connector and the 24 pin connector were sold separate from the full kit. If you have any suggestions or questions please feel free to comment.

Part Reviews


What can I say, amazing processor especially for the price. I shouldn't have to replace this for awhile.

CPU Cooler

Overkill for what I'm going to do with this pc, processor stays really cool even under load. Was kind of a pain mounting but overall I would recommend this.


Bios interface is easy to use, manual was extremely helpful. Everything was really easy to install into the mobo. It's aesthetically pleasing and a beast of a board.


Going to be completely honest I partially only picked these dimms for their looks but was pleased with their perfomance thus far.


Sppeeeeeedd....this coming from a guy who has been gaming on a potato his whole life, but man this baby is fast and reliable. Big space saver. Would recommend for anyone to use unless you have the bank account for a pcie ssd.

Video Card

Had some issues with GTA 5 when it first came out but figured out it was a driver issue. Overall an amazing gpu, runs really quiet even under load I've heard of people getting a high pitch whining noise from theirs but I've yet to experience this.


Bro do you even lift? This full tower is heavy without components in it.. Sooo much space though and it looks freaking cool. Some issues I've had that I should've addressed earlier were dead usb ports and an unnecessary but sometimes useful hard drive dock. I'm going to replace the stock fans soon because it seems that they are causing the most noise.

Power Supply

Best psu I have ever had. Fan never kicks on so its really quiet the fact that it is fully modular is amazing for cable management.

Operating System

Definitely some bugs that need to be addressed, not a bad os imo.


Great monitor, great response time and resolution.

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Thanks! The desk only cost me like 120 bucks and a few hours of my time to put together.

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loving your foot man

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Thanks man, It's one of my favorites