(This PC stopped working. It had been about two weeks after I built it but the parts were actually about seven or eight years old. I have just bought one of the new components for the next PC I will build and it should be posted on here soon after I get the rest of the parts. I'm keeping the graphics card (for now, and only if it still actually works) and the power supply. I have sold the motherboard and CPU on ebay but I am keeping the RAM. I bought an ASUS P8P67 motherboard and an i5-3570k.)

A couple months ago the power went out at my house then when it came back on my fams PC, a Dell XPS 420, no longer worked. I decided to take it apart and upgrade it. It had a Core 2 Quad Q6600, 6GB of DDR2-667 MHz RAM, and a Zotac Geforce GT 610. Later I decided to just get a new processor and motherboard that had support for faster RAM and SLI. I had just finished the 8th grade and got some congrats money from the fam. While I was on vacation at myrtle beach I got on ebay and bought my first "new" component, a used Intel Core i7-920. I then purchased the RAM a day or two later. I didn't buy any more parts for a month or two. The next thing I bought was an ATX to EPS power adapter so that I could use the old PSU to power the PC. I made a horrible decision by buying from Hong Kong and the adapter still hasn't arrived yet. The motherboard I bought was on an auction on ebay that ended at 4 AM so I stayed up til then because I really wanted that motherboard. A couple days before an Intel DX58OG was for sell on ebay but I was watching the movie Chappie and got distracted when the auction ended. Since the power adapter still hadn't arrived I decided to just buy a new PSU. The PSU arrived the day I got back from another vacation in California and Las Vegas so I took it to my room and started to install Windows 8.1 on my Seagate Barracuda 1TB drive. After installing Windows I shut down the PC and went to bed because it was late. When I woke up the next day I turned the PC on but the hard drive was suicidal and killed itself. I spent a couple hours trying to use Seagates recovery tool to get it back but I was not successful so I walked to my neighbor's house and asked him if he had any unused hard drives. He gave me 5 hard drives. He also shortened the power cable for my CPU cooler because it was super long. I walked home and grabbed a USB thumb drive with Windows 10 TP on it and installed it. After installing it the screen had a loading icon and said just a moment for about an hour and a half so I turned the PC off and back on again. The desktop popped up on the screen but a critical error had happened and Windows 10 could not run properly so I installed Windows 8.1. I have a Netgear Nighthawk router so my internet speeds are usually about 25mbps down but I had a crappy WiFi adapter (802.11g) and I only got about 10kbps down so I very carefully (because of carpetted floors) carried the uncased PC up the stairs to the third floor and plugged in the ethernet cable... But it didn't work... So I unplugged it and plugged it back in and guess what. IT WORKED!!!! Then I installed GeForce Experience and Steam and all 40 games I own. Oh yeah and I am using the graphics card from the old PC but I plan on upgrading to a GTX 960 and getting another stick of RAM some day when I have more money.

It's been a couple weeks since I finished the build now and I finally got the RAM to run at stock speeds. It had been running at 1081MHz, but when I went into the bios and changed the multiplier to 12 and it ran at 1621MHz but not really because Windows wouldn't boot with the RAM like that, so I changed it to 10 and ran it at 1350MHz for a while. I have never done any of this stuff before so I didn't know what I was doing and I hadn't watched any videos either. The bios said that the multiplier (10) was multiplied by the host clock speed or whatever it's called but I didn't know where to change that. After hours and hours of screwing wit hall the numbers I pressed Esc to go to the first page of the bios and there it was. The host clock frequency or speed or whatever. I changed it from 135MHz to 133MHz and changed the memory multiplier to 12 and OMG! It ran at 1600MHz (but the processor ran 0.04GHz slower) because OMG! 133 x 12 = 1600!!! (It actually = 1596 but whatever)

I plan on selling it somewhat soon (probably after I move in a couple days) but not all of it. Just the CPU, Motherboard, GPU (when I get a GTX 960), and maybe the RAM because I would like it to be a bit faster (maybe 2133 or 2400MHz) and I'm either getting an Azza SIRIUS ATX Mid Tower Case or the Thermaltake Commander MS/I Snow Edition (White/Black) ATX Mid Tower Case. (If your are reading this you should recommend a case that looks decent, has ok cable management, and is under $50 but I will probably go with the Azza. And I'm thinking about going with an i7-2600K or an LGA1150 CPU when I upgrade.


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WOW you had a lot of trouble with this build. But its pretty decent

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pretty interesting story

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n64 with goldeneye 007 nice

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