So a friend of mine asked him to build a basic pc for his son so he could stream netflix , youtube and make his homework on. He asked me not to go over €300. So this build went really smooth if i could change 1 thing it would be the case. Cable managment was a bit hard since the mobo covered all the gaps for cable managment. It runs great and quiet.

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Had some issues fitting the mobo in the case because of the I/O shield. It has these pin to earth your mobo but these pins also prevented me to fit he mobo well in the case. I had to screw in the mobo without all the matching holes fitting perfectly. I hoped once i screwed in some screw it would allign itself but this wasn't the case. Had to bend some pins from the I/O Shield so i could fit the mobo. Also only has 1 fan header so needs a fan splitter if you want to add more than 1 fan.


Used this as booting storage, does the job and does it at a decent speed.

Video Card

didn't think much of it as i ordered it, was easy to install. The results kinda baffled me. It does a pretty good job for just a basic pc. Great screen quality even with higher resolution screens.


it's a really cheap case but it does the job if you don't mind doing average cable managment. Also you can only add 1x 90mm fan as an exhaust to the preinstalled 120mm intake fan. The metal inside feels really cheap, but that is what's to be expected with such a low priced case. This is well worth the money if you're building a basic home computer.

Power Supply

great price, great quality. I've seen people complaining about it being loud, but i don't have anny issues with it being loud. Sleeving is a beat cheap but that's ok.

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I would've swapped the 2.5" SSD for a Team 128GB M.2, since it's about the same price and doesn't need cables.

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i left that one open so in the future he could add one with larger storage amount if needed.