This was my first full build. I've worked on PCs and helped others build PCs though. There are things that I'd do differently next time around. I'm not a huge fan of my case after building in it. I'd suggest going with a gpu without a blower fan. I haven't hit thermal throttling, but it does seem to run really hot.

Part Reviews


The motherboard does its job, but the polysync isn't very good, and has very few options.


Clocked at 3200 with no issues.


It boots windows super fast. The RGB makes it run a little hotter, but still not bad.

Video Card

Runs hot, but still preforms well at 1080p on hard/ultra. Runs 4k pretty well on high.


The case is more of a full than a mid tower. There isn't enough ventilation in the front of the case. Two 200mm fans are nice though. I like the option to mount 4 hdd or 8 ssd in the back of the case, so I could remove the hard drive case in front. I couldn't fine any aftermarket PSU shrouds for it, so I had to make one. Some of my complaints are my own fault from oversight.

Power Supply

Great power supply. I'll always go with EVGA.


I went from a 4k 55 inch display to this monitor. I won't ever go back to a big display. Monitor works great, with no issues.


Great keyboard for the price.


I love this mouse. It's comfortable, and the ICUE program works pretty well for my keyboard, mouse, and headset.


Great battery life. I read some reviews saying the mic wasn't very good. After some adjustments, it sounds great. The 7.1 surround sound works well. The headset breathes well and fits well.

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  • 12 months ago
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Nice build it looks great.

  • 12 months ago
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Wouldn't recommend that SSD. It runs stupidly hot and is causing serious system issues. Check that video from Jay: Enough said I guess...

  • 12 months ago
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Yeah he released the video like a week after I had already bought it. For some reason I cant get temp reads on it through . (I can on my hdds) After gaming for a couple of hours I took off my side panel and touched it. It was barley even warm, so he may had just got a bad ssd.

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