This was a good build. Some back story: had an NZXT S340 needed some room in my area so built in InWin A1Plus. Too hot and noisy after tinkering with it I was still unhappy. Moved on to the NZXT H210 AND MAN this thing is perfect.

The cable management is awesome and loved that I can install a regular ATX PSU and sfx would allow me to mount an extra fan under the GPU it and even more space for cable management.

I've seen a couple of reviews for the H200 about the glass shattering from heat. I can definitely feel the heat from the GPU when I put my hand on it. Hasn't shattered yet so I'm calling it good.

The radiator mount was awesome and you can even double stack the fans. You'd loose the filter but get some nice cooling. The fans that came with the case are super nice and quite.

Motherboard didn't let me mount the AIO straight like I wanted. MSI makes one that has more room so you can fit the AIO the right way. Like the motherboard so I didn't want to swap it out.

Overall the case is a great one. Definitely would recommend for those wanting a smaller build but can't afford to go super small.

Future mods: maybe install a wireless charger, swap out the front metal panel for a wood one, and something that's probably something I don't need.

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