Well, it's been a little while since I built this thing, so I figure it can't hurt to give an update. I made a huge move to Ryzen from my old FX-6300, thanks to several deals at Micro Center. I realize Ryzen likes faster RAM, so I did what I could with bad pricing and overclocked mine to 2933MHz and CL14. I also got a new PSU, with both modular cables and increased efficiency. I pulled a hard drive out of an older scrap PC. I got some new peripherals, including a second monitor, a new headset, speakers, and a mechanical keyboard! I ran the SSDs in RAID 0 for a while, but a power outage corrupted the array so I haven't gone back; I plan to use one of them as a VM disk. Finally, I used a friend's laser cutter to make a new acrylic piece for my front panel, as I realized that yes, the original one was an airflow problem. It isn't the prettiest thing ever, but it gets the job done, and it'll look better once I clean up the glue...

Part Reviews


Even with the Ryzen 5 3600 out, I can't recommend this CPU enough. With the recent price drops, it still presents an insanely good value, and its high thread count allows it to be used for many different tasks.


The best way to describe it is "okay." Its VRM isn't great, using a three phase controller, but the amount of components and above-average heatsinks, it shouldn't overheat using anything up to an 8-core. The features are pretty lackluster, and the LEDs are actually only red, no matter the marketing. It isn't a big deal for me, due to my monochrome theme. Overall, I'd recommend one of MSI's B450 boards over this one, especially the MAX series with Ryzen 3000 support out of the box.


Other than the nice Ripjaws V heat spreader design, this kit is pretty mundane. I got it overclocked to DDR4-2933 CL14 1.4V


After having more experience with other cases, I have to say I do not like this case. It gets the job done, but the cable management is poor, and the front panel airflow situation leaves much to be desired.

Power Supply

If you can't get something from EVGA or Corsair, this is a good option. Good cable options, although the SATA cables can get a bit bunchy with several drives. Unlike much of its marketing suggests, the fan is not ARGB, so keep that in mind when viewing this. I didn't find a use for the smart fan mode, as the rest of my system hums over it.


I really like this board, and I couldn't turn away with the price it was at on Amazon. The brown switches, while not Cherry, are nice and tactile. The keys have a decent amount of wiggle, but it doesn't bother me honestly. The software is very slow, and, while it is a good gimmick, the LCD isn't very useful. I do appreciate the nice sleeved cable and dual USB ports.


For the price, these are amazing. The surround sound is pretty bad, but the 2.0 is very nice. Corsair's iCUE software is pretty good, and I was able to throw my preferred EQ settings in very easily. One very minor thing is the plastic on the outside makes it look like it might be open backed, while it is most definitely not.

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nice case mod bro lmao +1