Please don't water cool your first build. It'll save you multiple hours of your time. Anyways, this is my new gaming rig. I mostly play mild games like fifa and rocket league so I really can't justify anything more then this.

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

Installation was a pain but it's a nice cooler.


Looks epic and easy troubleshooting. EDIT: Every time you change something on the board (unplug fan header, cmos reset, etc.) You need to take out the RAM and put it back in. Not the end of the world but annoying.


Boots in 10-15secs and is also very cheap.


It works I guess. Really likes to click though.


Amazing looking case with virtually no limitations as to what you can put in it.

Power Supply

Modular, gold, tiny - really nothing to complain about.


Would rate it 6 stars if I could. It's an amazing looking and feeling keyboard and no parts feel cheap.


This is a great mouse. Very nice grips, the weights are nice to have, and the click sound is really satisfying.

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