I put this build together for light to moderate load MatLab usage and 2K/1440p 144Hz gaming. This is my main, daily use computer and setup.

AESTHETIC The primary inspiration for the build came from the aesthetic of the Asus PRIME Z390-A motherboard. From here, I purchased matching RAM and power supply, but ultimately did not want a monochrome (i.e. pure white) build, I also wanted to avoid excessive components with excessive RGB. Instead of opting for a white case and graphics card, I went with a gunmetal or brushed aluminum theme to accentuate the white highlights of the build.

The green cat holding a marble is a gift from a close friend of mine, I think he looks better in a pc than on a shelf.

After thoughts and concluding remarks In the future I want to focus on more mini itx projects, a lot of the computer case is large, open space. I think the RTX 2060 is more than enough power for me (with future-proofing), it can tackle any game I've played so far with max settings and plenty of frames. So, for future builds I will most likely opt for a more powerful cpu.

Part Reviews


Excellent cpu, hope to see the price continue to go down.

CPU Cooler

Does pretty well! But I think there are definitely better cpu coolers out there. I should have researched a little better before impulse buying this one.


Excellent motherboard. I wish it had bluetooth and wifi built in, for the price point though..


Good RAM, overclocking is easy, ICue software can be finicky, they are updating it though so it is getting better.


No problems! Great storage.

Video Card

Excellent gpu, runs cool, will tackle 2k 144hz gaming no problem.


Silent case, well built, good airflow, lots of room, excellent cable management. Tempered glass is tinted, whole case feels like quality.

Power Supply

Silent and reliable psu, cables are very nice.


This is an okay cheap secondary monitor.. I am skeptical about the quality of the ips panel compared to that of my other monitor


Excellent! 2k 144 hz gaming and ips. Only downside is that the monitor height is not adjustable.


Received from a friend as a gift. Great mechanical keyboard with lots of versatility.


Best mouse I have ever owned, not a joke. This mouse is great.


These are great headphones! Only thing is that the ear pads hurt my ears after extended use, maybe the padding could be a little more poofier.


Goodish.. cannot control the bass levels. So very boom boomy all the time.

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