Update: -Added a Picture of A Benchmark with 3D Mark :)

This build is amazing. I love this and The PCMasterRace I did use to play console (sad music plays). The PCMasterRace is amazing and I love building PCs. If you play console please build a PC for your own sake please, it's better than any console.

Backstory: In Christmas of 2015 I asked for a gaming PC for Christmas (I knew very little to none about computers at this point). So I got the PC I started to learn about PC's and I learned my build had probably the worst graphics card in the world. So I was like woah this is crap no wonder I'm getting 20-30fps max. I call one of my friends(VDubs) and he gives me some options (Still knew barely anything about PC's) He recommended me a Radeon R7 250. At this point, I thought it was good. So guess what I did I bought it.

Fast Forward and I have learned a lot I was originally just going to upgrade that PC but then I had an idea. Why just not build a whole new one which I could customize myself. This was a great idea because it was going to cost around the same amount to add new parts to it. So that's what I did I went on my trusty PCPartPicker and made an EPIC PC. I needed the time, the money, and the info. So for 4 months straight I just kept learning and learning about the art of making a PC. It is a beautiful art.

So now I have all the parts and I thought this was going to be easy. First time builders, it not as easy as it looks in the videos lol. So I start I assemble everything and it's time to boot. I press the power button anddddd nothing turned on. I was devastated I thought I broke something. So I took a break and then went back. I checked everything. Then I asked another one of my friends and he said to check the FPC(Front Panel Connectors). So turns out I did them backward lol. So I redid them and I GOT THE GLORIOUS BIOS. I was so excited, the bios are the most beautiful thing a first time PC builder can see. Now it's today a few weeks later. I wanted to wait off until posting this to test everything. It runs amazing. I love it so much I get mostly 90 fps on most games at high settings. (Mostly Higher most of the time)

To the first time builders out there. Expect Problems. Don't Give Up. Enjoy Yourself in the build process, AND THE MOST IMPORTANT PART GROUND You WHILE BUILDING YOUR PC OR FACE MAJOR PROBLEMS. TRUST ME IT MATTERS. BUILD REVIEWS BELOW!

Part Reviews


Love You Intel :) Its fast and reliable. Love it

CPU Cooler

Gets the job done. Will upgrade for an AIO or custom if I wanna overclock anytime soon.


Great Motherboard, love the LED's and its overclock ready.


Have had minor problems, but good mostly good love the LED's



Video Card



Eh, it's ok. Not great cable management space but looks really cool. :)

Power Supply

Way more power than I needed, but go big or go home :)


First time into mechanical keyboards and I love them so much!


Got it free with MOBO. Standard its ok.

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  • 39 months ago
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Please Leave Feedback and Ideas For Future Upgrades :)

  • 39 months ago
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Nice build, maybe some LEd strips?

[comment deleted]
  • 22 months ago
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Can I buy this? It looks amazing!!

  • 9 months ago
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You can currently get this same card off zotac’s website refurbished for $240. Not lying, check it out. Sorry bro 🙁