I just turned 15 and I built myself a computer for school work, light/medium gaming and photo editing. I also had a 1 TB hard drive laying around and used it in this build. I spent about 1100$ Canadian when some of the parts where on sale This is also my first build. Feel free to comment anything.

Part Reviews


This processor is amazing for the price you pay.

CPU Cooler

Easy installation and Works well.


Could be better but it works for the price you pay for


Amazing RAM from Kingston. Looks nice and works well.


Well Kingston makes good products. This ssd is also really good in quality

Video Card

The 970 is a really nice card. People over look this card and go to the 980 but this card is really amazing for the price you pay and I think it deserves more recognition. the 3.5Gb Vram is stupid but the card still runs well for me


This is more of an unkown case but I still took it because it look nice. I love how it comes with 5 fans. Even though they may not be the best they get the job done. The drive bays are easy to take out and the LED fans are a nice add on. The only concern I have is taking off the top filter. I have to take off the entire top part just to take out the filter which sucks. Other than that this case is really nice.

Power Supply

Amazing PSU. Love the fact it's modular and works well

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  • 45 months ago
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I'm a year younger, and this is basically the same system I want to build!

  • 45 months ago
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Good first build! What kind of temps do you get on the CPU with that cooler? Maybe a full side view so we can see your fan setup for cooling the system? +1

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  • 45 months ago
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Ontario but not the Toronto area

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  • 45 months ago
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But couldn't he get closer to the lake by upgrading from Haswell to Skylake? :P

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