Howdy, first things first, my original build consisted of a NZXT H700 but I refunded that and got a Corsair Spec Omega and some RGB fans. This machine runs like a charm(ish) and keeps (decently) cool under full load.

Updates: 12/24/2019 G703 is starting to die, right click and middle mouse click don't want to work right, thinking about getting a Steelseries Rival 650

Part Reviews


Does what i need it to do, gaming, base clock the cinebench r15 score was 945, havent OCed yet.

CPU Cooler

After ~1 year of usage, ive concluded that its not the best. Pretty loud and cooling is meh. Keeps a 5ghz 8600K at around 50-65 degrees.


~1 year later, its still holding up strong, few annoying things like the leds not wanting to shut off and the bios being incompetent still make me regret getting this board. But overall it's fine. VRM temps are fine and it can handle a 5ghz 8600K at ~1.325v


HIGH QUALITY is all i can say, from team group a brand that i think of as budget makes this. high quality alluminum and is pretty hefty. If you dont have asus aura sync no worries, they have a software (t force blitz) thats pretty much formatted like aura sync. WONDERFUL ram. <3


its a fast drive for what i paid so no complaits

Video Card

Still holding up like a champ after ~1 year. The fans are a bit loud but i can just adjust the curve to not destroy my eardrums. Keeps cool at 2000-2020mhz, sits at 50-70 degrees


Hate this thing. I don't know why i bought it. Airflow sucks, dust is just sucked in like kirby sucking stuff up. Cable management is terrible, barely any space in the back. Panels also feel cheap as hell

Power Supply

LONG, 180mm long. Makes cable management in a small case a living nightmare. But its a good psu, not much bad about it


BOUGHT FOR 180 NOT WORTH THE RETAIL PRICE AROUND 300. This is a nice VA panel. the monitor stand is a little on the wobbly side, the frame of the monitor is meh but overall for the price i bought it at its nice. just dont buy it at retail


This baby held itself together through abuse. From water spilling on it to being smashed, it served me well until it was time to retire it.


Keyboard is great, software isn't, if i click the profile swap button, it freezes up the keyboard and i have to open up the software to restore its functionality. I like it


~1 year later its finally starting to die. Most annoying and worse things about this mouse has to be the gunk buildup on the mouse buttons. I think it's sweat causing it but still, nasty and annoying to clean. Now heres where its gone downhill. Middle click is double clicking, same for the right mouse button. Its very hard to play with it. Bad timing too, just bought some hyperglides for it


bought it 1 year ago, holds up fine, mic is good, sound quality is good


Hand me down from my cousin, I like it, wireless connection is great.

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  • 19 months ago
  • 2 points

No idea how old this is, but would you add a hoto of those DR12 fans from the rear of the case looking towards the front? I would like to see what the back looks like, they would be on the bottom as intakes on an In-Win 101 case....

  • 19 months ago
  • 2 points

alright, ill try to get a picture up asap, :)

  • 19 months ago
  • 2 points

alright they are up

  • 10 months ago
  • 1 point

Thanks! I put 6 in an Inwin 101 and they look great