This machine was built at the specs of a customer who wanted maximum processing power and gaming ability. Customer requested i7, 32GB memory, 2TB hard drive, and a flashy build! This was a fun one for me, as I hadn't had experience with RGB before.

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6 core, 12 thread, boost up to 4.6GHz. Honestly, other than the wow factor or just going for the highest clock you can I can't imagine why I would recommend the 8700k. This CPU will crunch through any mainstream task and laugh while it does it.

CPU Cooler

Install was straightforward and not terribly difficult. Instructions, while small, were easy to understand. Fan is very quiet even when under load. Prime Blend took load temps to mid 60s on all 6 cores, so OK performance, and great for the price.


I loved building with this motherboard. The features it packs are significant. At purchase time, it was the least expensive full ATX board with WiFi. The RGB effects are FANTASTIC! Though an H370 board, it feels more high end than its Z370 cousin. Again a few things could be better: The wifi card is pretty ugly on what is otherwise a beautiful board and could have used a cover like they have on the top m.2 slot. For a board that has WiFi as a main feature, Gigabyte really should have considered this. The other issue is the RGB Fusion software is GARBAGE. Setting it up in BIOS was simple, two clicks and you're done. Even controlled the case fan RGB. The software program for RGB Fusion is a nightmare, and I couldn't get it to do anything other than turn off the lights (and couldn't turn them back on again until I rebooted and turned on through BIOS). There wasn't anything I could see to get RGB Fusion to control the Trident RGB, but that was OK enough since the rainbow cycle looks great and fit with the color cycling I set through BIOS Fusion. Oh well -- the customer loves it.


Beautiful effects. XMP took up to 2400 without a hiccup.


Fine for what it is. I would have recommended an SSD, but the customer specifically requested a 2TB HDD and this was what the budget would allow.

Video Card

Reasonable performance for the cost.


I really enjoyed building in this case. There is simply ample space everywhere you look, and the build process went very smoothly. The only issues I had were the fact that one fan wasn't packed quite properly and the cable was pinched. It still worked so no RMA needed, but I am dubious about its long term health. RGB fans are excellent and play with the RGB Fusion software through the motherboard. Partial mesh front allows plenty of airflow which I feel is a rarity nowadays. Another gripe is that the included fan splitter is only able to power them via molex, which ends up being a bit loud. I did appreciate its inclusion to clean up the visible cabling, but I would have preferred a 3-pin splitter instead of the molex.

Power Supply

Good PSU, no issues. Glad the case I chose had a basement to house the extra cables.

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  • 16 months ago
  • 2 points

Great Build!

  • 16 months ago
  • 2 points

I actually have that same CPU and I’m in love with how powerful it is, it absolutely crushes whatever I can throw at it. I feel like I got a massive step up in performance coming from an FX 6300.

  • 16 months ago
  • 1 point

Does the all the fans come with the case? Because I want to buy the same case

  • 16 months ago
  • 1 point

Yes they did! 3 rgb fans 2 in front one in back.

[comment deleted]
  • 17 months ago
  • 1 point

Love the case ultimately. Lots of airflow from the mesh front and dual fans up there. The TG and RGB come together for a very slick effect. Big fan.

[comment deleted by staff]