Budget gaming PC, so happy to finally get it. Me and my Dad built in the late hours as it took ages for it and my desk to arrive. Built the desk first (big mistake). Got to the PC and it was so dark out we had to postpone until the next evening after I had finished work. When we finally got it running it felt like such an accomplishment. Adding this to my profile now as I'm starting to look to upgrade to an (almost) new build. Going to be selling the Case, CPU, Video Card and the Motherboard.

The pictures (with the exception of the one of the monitors) were taken when I had to replace my CPU cooler, that's why it's quite dusty and doesn't look particularly new.

Part Reviews


Slow, old and outdated. Whether it's the CPU's fault alone or the combination of components I own I am unsure but this CPU is obviously on the way out and is struggling to keep up with modern games. Old games aren't an issue to a point.

CPU Cooler

I have had two of these in the space of a year. My first one's fan had started making a horrendous noise that I couldn't stop. I bought a newer version of the one I originally bought and haven't had any problems with that one so far.


Good looking, spacious, does the job.


It's RAM. No issues with it as I know of, but what issues could I have had possibly encountered with RAM. It's on the cheaper side of DDR3 RAM, which is nice I suppose.


I wish I had bought a bigger size SSD. I didn't realise how valuable the storage space would be especially after going from Windows 8.1 -> 10. I would advise going the next size up. 120GB simply isn't enough. The speed is brilliant though, SSD all the way.


Great speed, great capacity. Had it a year and no issues. Then again it's a HDD what issues would I have this early, really.

Video Card

Not very impressive, certainly on the way out. Can play most new games on medium - high at 60fps, although at high it will definitely start to drop frames.


Too small to fit the Evo 212 well. Did my research before hand and people said it would be a tight squeeze and compatibility filter matches it. I would say that it does not. Buy a wider case. The copper points on the very edge of the Evo will be right against the window. It was so tight that I accidentally scratched the window on it. Not the fault of the case I understand but as a case I have to say it is not wide enough, understand that the Evo 212 is one of the most popular coolers on the market and this case won't fit it properly.

Power Supply

Fantastic PSU. Perfectly quiet, I will be keeping it for future upgrades and builds without a doubt. My only gripe would be the difficulty of removing and plugging the cables into the PSU itself, it can be very tough and it's tempting to pull the wire rather than the plastic handle as the small clips aren't very solid. Obviously it's risky to pull the wire itself so it can be very annoying to perform maintenance where you would need to remove the PSU cables from the PSU. Not sure if that's more the cables fault rather than the PSU itself but regardless the cables come with the PSU.

Optical Drive

Loud when in use but it's very cheap and does the same job as any CD/DVD RW Drive.

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  • 43 months ago
  • 1 point

Lol this is great I had the same case motherboard cpu,Gpu and my gpu and psu exploded

  • 43 months ago
  • 1 point

I had the same processor and GPU for one of my very first builds, good choice! I can't wait till zen comes out, mostly to see price/performance to see if its worth it, or to go skylake.

  • 43 months ago
  • 1 point

It's a good build, but you had bad luck with the case. :( Hope you can change it soon

  • 43 months ago
  • 1 point

Ye I'm going to save and buy an i7, 1070/80 or a 980ti. So going to need to replace my motherboard and case at the same time looking at a Cooler Master Storm Stryker as the next case.