Introduction Since I am currently working in Korea and prices are ridiculous here, it took me months to order individual parts (whenever they were on sale on Amazon). I also went back to the states, my home, for a summer visit and I picked up parts, such as my CPU, Motherboard, SSD. Hard Drive, etc. to avoid the International shipping costs and Import Tax.

Other parts, such as my Case, Monitor, and CPU cooler, I decided to buy here in Korea. They are local brands and fairly cheap. ($50 for case and 300 dollars for QHD 144Hz monitor). The CPU cooler had RGB and matched my case fans.

Temporary Parts* You may ask why the f I am using a GTX 1080 mini. I currently had this card when I bought the 1080 Aorus Gaming for my new 6th gen Thinkpad X1. Honestly, the TB3 connection with eGPU was a nightmare. You didn't get real 1080 performance through eGPU and the X1 Carbon has SO MANY issues of its own (thermal, etc.). This is partly why I decided to build a PC. I wanted to wait on ordering a New GPU (such as the 1080ti) because I wanted to see the benchmarks for the upcoming 2080 and the 2080 TI before making a decision on which new graphic card to get.

Also, I bought this cheap case as a temporary until the new Phanteks Evolve X comes out. I am thinking of the Phanteks Evolve X, Fractal Design Define r6, or the BeQuiet Dark Base 700/900, Thermaltake 37/71 and if you have any recommendations, that would be great!!

Also, why the 1000W PSU overkill? I got it because it's on sale for only $150! I can use it for years, especially if I decide to SLI (2 1080ti or 2 2080 maybe?)

I haven't overclocked yet since I just finished building this PC. So far, the thermals seem okay. I'm getting idle temps around 30-34 C and CPU load temps (100%) prime95 test of 58-60 C. I plan on overclocking to 5 GHZ. I bought the liquid ultra and a delid kit if the temps are too high after overclocking (non-delid). I probably will delid whether the temps are okay or not.

Purpose I use this computer as my home-work + gaming computer. I have the crappy X1 Carbon that I take to work and will mostly use this PC to finish my work at home and then for gaming of course! I like playing AAA games and I plan on upgrading my monitor later to 4K if the new GPU's can handle FPS at 60+, preferably closer to 100.

Problems/other Notes The 1080 mini I have is different from the one shown here. I have the Aorus 1080 mini that came with the Aorus Gaming Box. The fans are oversized. I bought a PCI-e riser card but I realized this cheap case doesn't have a vertical slot. I had no choice but to get my fans shortened. The monitor is my picture is older version of the one shown. They no longer make the ones that I bought. I bought mine 5 months ago while I was ordering parts, whenever they were on sale. The specs are pretty much the same but now they are curved.

Cable Management in this case is horrible! Came with only a few zip ties so I had to go out and buy my own. No straps or cable holders. The PSU came with some re-usable ties, which was nice. Also, the space between the cables and the outside of where the case closes is very narrow. Even though this is my first time building a PC, I have seen other cases at Microcenter and they have much better cable management and space. Any tips on better cable management or is mine okay?

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  • 21 months ago
  • 3 points

The CPU cooler piqued my curiosity as I thought it was the DeepCool GammXX GT which I used on the build I have posted. However, they are just extremely similar to one another. I've seen some other Jonsbo CPU cooler with fantastic aesthetics as well.

>Also, why the 1000W PSU overkill? I got it because it's on sale for only $150! I can use it for years, especially if I decide to SLI (2 1080ti or 2 2080 maybe?)

Those two lines killed me lol. First, even if you were to SLI two 1080 TIs, I think an 850W or 750W should do the trick as they don't use as much power as say...a Vega 64 :D. Also, you could very well obtain a 750-850W for half the price. I just found the logic so funny and classically american lol. Don't matter though. The deed is done.

  • 21 months ago
  • 2 points

In all of my time trolling about this site I have never seen that cpu cooler. I have to say, it looks damn good though. I am considering just buying those fans

  • 20 months ago
  • 1 point

They definitely look nice! And they are in sync with the CPU cooler which is nice. However, the case fans are 3 pin, which is a bummer.

  • 13 months ago
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Hey there cool build! Quick question, does the CPU Cooler overhang on the first ram slot? Planning to buy one of those Jonsbo CR-601,