This was my first build ever after I decided to get back into pc gaming after 7 years of consoles. It was a ground up build and I had to buy all the peripherals as well so I've included them in the part list and budget. Before the build I did about a month of research and part picking before deciding on these parts while I waited for my finances to allow me to start once I started though all went smooth and it started right up the first time. So far its ran every game I've thrown at it well at 1080p and some a lot better then well so I'm quite happy with it. (sorry for the pics bad lighting in my computer room)

edit My game library has grown quite extensively since building this so i added another hdd for some extra storage space. I also added another 8 gb of ram because I was just meeting minimum requirements for some of the newer games I've been playing in hindsight i should have just went with a 2 x 8 set to start with but I haven't had any trouble running the 4 x 4 set up so I'm happy.

edit Well closing on a year since I finished this and everything is still running as well as the day I built it. I'm still extremely happy with it and it's still running every game I throw at it very well at 1080p. Just added a third hdd for some more storage and it fit in great just had to remove the lower tray so I could install the new one then replace the tray when I was finished. Only thing I did not like was they way my sata cable pushes it off the bottom of the case just enough that I can't get the thumbscrews to catch on the one side of it but with two screws on the other side I'm not too worried about it moving.

Part Reviews


Reasonable price, good speed, six cores, great cpu.

CPU Cooler

Bought it because it was cheap, reviews were good and I liked the look. Its only a 92mm cooler but after gaming for 16 hours straight one day my cpu never got above 55c so I think it performs well for a smaller cooler. As far as looks go the lights dance across the blades in a little light show, pictures don't do it justice it's my favorite fan in the case.


Great motherboard but a little overkill for my needs. I could have waited for a cheaper board to come out but i wanted a pc now and this was on sale so I don't regret getting this one.


It's RAM, it looks good and runs as advertised.


My first ssd and I love it, can't believe the difference from a hdd.


Cheap storage but it runs well so I can't complain.

Video Card

Runs every game I've thrown at it well at 1080p, small card and no cords necessary as it draws power direct from board so easy to keep clean looking build with it. If cards were cheaper right now i would have gone bigger but with the next gens only a few months away i didn't want to spend too much now in case i decide to upgrade but for now it serves it purpose and I'm happy with it.


Great case quiet, cool and clean. Not much room for cable management in back but not a problem if you psu has good length cords. All the holes are were you need them and and there are plenty of tie of points. Fans that come with it are quiet even at full. They are a bit bright but look good behind the tinted glass. The screens that come with it are all high quality. All in all a great case and a joy to build in.

Power Supply

Quiet and the cords are long, came with 7 year warranty so it should be good.

Operating System

Seems overpriced but I guess i need it.

Case Fan

Cheap, quiet and pwm. Led are a tad dim but for 10 bucks I think they were a great buy.


First mechanical keyboard and its great love the sound, love the feel, rgb control was a bit confusing at first but now I love it too.


Love the look and it runs as well as any controller.


Cheap and simple, only needed 2 strips but they only came in the four pack so I guess I have 2 back ups if they fail.


First ever gaming mouse and I love it adjustable dpi is nice, rgb is nice, driver took me a while to figure out but that was my fault more then theirs. Feels great and by far is the nicest mouse I've ever used.


Picked it up on sale to replace my 32" 720p tv I was using for a pc monitor was skeptical about the actual difference between 720 gaming and 1080 gaming but now I see how wrong I was. Great picture and while the speakers aren't great they are better then nothing and for the price I can't complain very happy I got it when i did because the bestbuy sale was over the next day. All in all i think it was a good buy.

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  • 23 months ago
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Looks good. love the case...

  • 21 months ago
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Is this case comes with fans?

  • 21 months ago
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It came with the three in front and 1 in back, I added the three to the top

  • 21 months ago
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Thank you blue team✌