After falling in love with some mITX cases I decided to build my current gaming rig in one!

I'm very happy with the result. I didn't want to spend too much on it, because I'm a PhD student and I feel guilty to spend money on a gaming rig now... The build is a compromise between my inner child and my "adult" side! ;-)

At first I wanted to build everything in the node 202, but in the end I opted for the SG13B, because even though it's bigger, has a form factor that I like more.

Temps are good, even when I slightly overclock my gpu.

The prices displayes here on pcpartpicker are somewhat off, because shipping from (7.99€) is counted for every item I ordered from there, while I had to pay for shipping only once.

Please, don't pay attention to the ugly desk where I put my PC, I'm on rent in a very ugly apartment. :-(

Part Reviews


I chose this kaby lake CPU because of its low TDP and because it fits my budget. I left the stock cooler on, and it's reasonably silent.


It's RAM and it works. Will buy a second stick when I need it.

Video Card

So happy with this GPU! Not as small as the Gigabyte mini, but still fits in my case. Is quite silent, and when on idle its fans stop spinning. Mine came with a Micron GDDR5, that as far as I know it doesn't overclock as nicely as the Samsung GDDR5, but it's fine for me.


Very nice case! Good build quality for its price, and allows good cooling of the components.

Power Supply

It does its job... The cables are a bit stiff tho.

Case Fan

A bit noisy at high RPM, but it moves a lot of air even when moving slowly. Has rubber plugs to mount... First time I use them, so I don't know if I mounted them right.


I'm not an expert in monitors, so take what I'm saying with a grain of salt. This is my first 144Hz panel., and I'm amazed at how games feel with this... All is very smooth and responsive. Colors are also quite nice, after some calibration. Only problem is that blacks are not that deep, but probably that's common to TN panels.


Even though RGB is pretty hip now for gamers, I don't care that much about lights in my peripherals. This keybord is a sweet simple mechanical keyboard with MX reds, red backlighting and basic macro functionality.


  • 34 months ago
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Good Job! I love the desk, so +1!

  • 34 months ago
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Nice build I do really like small builds like this only problem for me its hard to find parts at our local shops

  • 34 months ago
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I had the same problem, so I ordered everything online.

  • 34 months ago
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I don't really like waiting and I always want to see and inspect things before buying it good for you bro hehe