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White Phantom

by peterk7



Date Published

Nov. 23, 2016

Date Built

Nov. 16, 2016

CPU Clock Rate

3.5 GHz

CPU Temperature While Idle

23.0° C

CPU Temperature Under Load

50.0° C

GPU Core Clock Rate

1.632 GHz

GPU Effective Memory Clock Rate

8 GHz

GPU Temperature While Idle

27.0° C

GPU Temperature Under Load

50.0° C


I just moved to Canada and have been playing on my Laptop for the last 4 years. It is pretty worn out and I decided to buy a new PC. After browsing non stop new laptops, I taught why not build a desktop and compare. Desktop is way more powerful anyway and I have a work laptop for mobility. So biggest objective is to build a gaming PC that costs same or less as a current gaming laptop.

So my needs were as follows: 1. Budget under a 2000 CAD (tax + shipping), mostly because that is the budget for the laptop I was looking to buy. 2. Liability - I want the desktop for a long time. 3. Gaming - at least 60 fps on current games and decent graphics with a look to the future for at least 3 years. 4. Probably will be used for work (Node, JS, Pytohn) and remote connecting. Some virtualization a little.

Things to do in the near future: Overclock CPU. Overclock memory slot to match the RAM speed.

Notes: * The monitor was at my fathers house, it will be changed later. I decided to save the money on the monitor for now, and wait for good deals.

Update 27.11.16, Overclocking: So I tried overclocking the CPU. Need to mention that this is my first time overclocking. However I did read and saw many guides on how to do so. Dont look at me as an expert! So tried manualy at first, setting to 46 the multiplier, after playing with it for an hour I didnt find an acceptable stable voltage level (1.35 and still not stable). So I backtracked to the "CPU Upgrade" the MOAB offered. it set the multiplier to 44 with voltage staying at auto. After stressing it for an hour and a half it seems to be working well with the following stats: Multiplier - 44, Vcore - auto (max seen is 1.26), idle temp - 23, load temp - 70. Added mid tests and after tests screenshot. I did had an issue with the screen: randomly turned black for a second and came back a few times, however wasnt able to recreate it and everything else is pretty stable. I will update the reviews of the CPU and MOAB accordingly.

Part Reviews


The biggest decision was i5 vs i7! In the end I choose the i5 as I didn't see any validation for paying 150 CAD more and I am very happy with this decision! It corresponds to my needs, runs the games on high graphics with great FPS. Also there is an option to overclock it which I am saving for later.

Overclocked it using bios built in option to: Multiplier - 44, VCore - auto (max seen 1.26). Stable after 1.5 hours of testing. Tried to go higher but took too much time and didnt reach fair stability with 45 and 46, max VCore reached 1.35.

CPU Cooler

The CPU cooler, it looks nice and corresponds with my build. It is quiet! Both fans operating and I cant hear them. And on top of that the CPU temp are very low - 23 on idle! Loading some CPU stress and I didn't see it go over the 49 mark. The installation however was a little tricky, It didn't fit on the mounts at first, but eventually I installed it and it works great! I am not sure if it was my part for it not fitting well at first but I managed to install it and it runs great so 5 stars :)


Bought it mostly for the option of overclocking. Works great out of the box, didnt have any issues. Installed all the drivers from the official site. Comes with blue leds (not changeable) and some on the back (will be covered by the mounting). Illuminates the case great and has a good look.

BIOS is a little more complicated and took time to preform overclock. In the end used the built in option of CPU Upgrade to 44 multiplier leaving the VCore at auto. In the middle of stress testing the screen turned black for a second a few times however wasnt able to recreate it and everything else was pretty stable. Tried reaching 46 multiplier but stopped at 1.35 VCore without reaching stability. Didnt find an option to preform adaptive voltage and offset crushed the bios. Reduced a star for bios complexity in overclocking.


RAM, works and preforms ... nothing much.


First time using operating system on SSD. Didnt believe my eyes for the load times. Never seen OS loading so fast. However this is a SSD review not OS one. You cant really tell out of the box, if you installed correctly it should work. Only time will tell how it will preform.


Works, that is the main concern. For windows needs to configure it as GPT if you want to use it as one drive. Therefore OS installation on it is tricky. But this applies for most of the HDD over 2TB. And only time will tell the reliability of it.

Video Card

The video card is amazing, I don't see the point of having a better one. This one suits me just right. It preforms great with the stock overclock and doesn't heat on a prolonged gaming session. (60 fps) On top of that it can change the led on it to fit the case. Although I chose a mod to reflect the temperature with green idle and red 80 degrees. I never seen it more than slightly yellow...


The case is great, lots of room for cable management and comes with 3 fans (1 with blue led). I changed the positions of the fans for 2 front intake and 1 top outtake as someone suggested in the forums and it works great. It has fan control (I just set it to high as it is still quiet enough for me). And I removed the drive cages as I needed only the two bottom once. One thing about the screws, it came with long screws to fit the fans in the front. However while mounting the second fan I found out the extra screws were so short that they couldn't hold the fan! So basically my 2 front fans holding only on 4 screws instead of 8! Apart from the screws, it was not a deal breaker and I like the case and think it looks great, therefore 4 stars :)


Using it for 3 years and counting. After 3 years the sound control is a little buggy however I think a recent flight caused it (was crushed in my luggage). Everything else works great and I am very happy with it.


Had it for 3.5 years now. Had to replace it 2 times during warranty. A problem with the right click. Dont use much of the modular keys, the leds are nice. Had a great gaming experience with it and still use it as my gaming mouse.


Sound quality is the best I have heard! Molecularity is great, can remove cables and change from long to short. Sound cancellation is amazing, can barely hear the surrounding. However extensive use of it may cause pressure on the head so I do need to get them off after 3 hours to let my head rest.

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Sztiglitz 2 Builds 2 points 29 months ago

this looks great !!!

valrykie 1 Build 2 points 29 months ago


AlbertX 2 points 29 months ago

Damn...this looks nice!

mijretrop 3 Builds 2 points 29 months ago

I love that white with blue accent lighting look. So Clean!

noel33456 2 points 29 months ago

This is beautiful computer. Mg teach me your ways ;-;

peterk7 submitter 1 Build 1 point 29 months ago

Actually I didnt expect it to look so good! The guys in the forums helped me a lot in choosing the right components, someone suggested a white build and I went with it. Now look what I got :)

If you want I can help you build one :)

Stratos_39 1 Build 2 points 29 months ago

Nice build. I own the NZXT phantom 410 too, recently, i installed a new hdd (WD caviar blue 1TB)and it makes the side pannel rattle. It is driving me insane .Do you get something like that from your hdd?

peterk7 submitter 1 Build 1 point 29 months ago

No, I dont have any problem like that. Otherwise I would probably write it in the review. To what bay did you install it? I installed mine to the lowest one as you see. The HDD is a little harder to fit, the cables there were tough to install. However Once installed it holds and quiet. You can try adding a screw in the middle form the front (under the GPU) there is a hole to hold the drive bay. Maybe it will help hold it? Or try playing with the connections, maybe a different connection will help?

Stratos_39 1 Build 1 point 29 months ago

Thanks for the help, i've tried everything, move the hdd around i have added the screw too! Unfortunately the side panel still vibrates.

GonFreak 2 Builds 2 points 28 months ago

omfg this looks amazing! winter white ftw!

G_rot777 1 Build 1 point 29 months ago

I recently found out about that mobo, how do you like it? Are there leds behind it? Any issues on it?

BortWosniak 3 points 29 months ago

I can answer for the LED. Yes there are LEDs, they are locked at blue though. It is not RGB LEDs

G_rot777 1 Build 1 point 29 months ago

Thanks, it's fine if they're not rgb, it would still match my system well.

BortWosniak 1 point 29 months ago

It really does. I was contemplating using it for my own build

peterk7 submitter 1 Build 1 point 29 months ago

Yes as BortWosniak said. Blue leds on the front, and also some on the back of the MOAB however they are behind the mounting so I can barely see them. However the case has many open space left and there is slight blue illumination in the back of the case.

peterk7 submitter 1 Build 1 point 29 months ago

Hey guys, I updated the review and description after overclocking my CPU. Added some stats after stress testing a little. Feel free to comment, ask and advise :)

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