I'm a student in 3D Modeling in Montreal, and i was in need of a new PC. My old HP Home Desktop upgraded with a GTX660 and some cheap ram was slowly going away. So i told my self: "LC, you've been puting all your money in your bills and important stuff since you're not living at your parent's... isn't it the time to treat yourself a little with something you want for a long time?" So here came the "Most Wanted"... explaining the build title.

Well here's the result of what i wanted. I know, people always told me the same 2 things: Q: WHY AMD WHEN INTEL HAVE MORE PERFORMANCES? A: Because i wanted to go with AMD, that's it :P Q: WHY DIDN'T YOU WAITED FOR RYZEN? A: I needed my PC NOW!

Building this was pretty easy. I already had the Optical Drive from my old HP, so here's a 20$ save ! Then i recycled my HDD of 500GB too. 55$ Saved! And used the 1080p HP 2159m Monitor i already had. another 100$ saved! Putting this together was cake. Even the cable management was easy like never been (When i helped on friends build). When i picked the PNY GTX1060, i was like "Man.. Are you sure about this? like... it's not a big name such as ECGA or Asus or even MSi"... Well... I REGRET ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!!! The Card is running smooth, quiet and offer no frame drops at all! (Sorry for my english being a little weird, i'm a native french canadian, so sometimes i make horrible mistakes) The only thing i regret, is the case. I bought it from a PC shop close from Montreal, it was on sale (fake sale) and i was like " Meh... i need one, and this one look good". It surely looks good... but this **** is a TOASTER! There's 1 intake, 1 exhaust. that's freaking it! The airflow is horrible! Grrrrrrrrrr!! So i ordered the Cooler Master HAF XB EVO (Lan Box) and i'm waiting to receive it (in February), so i'll update this build.

If you're looking for a good gaming PC without breaking your wallet in 4, this a really good one! Exept the case :P Go with the Corsair Air540 or any other case with a good review. And keep in mind that the airflow is really important. having all your storage in front of the only intake fan will make your airflow horrible!

The mouse is a cheap mouse from Newegg. Don't buy this, i only ordered it because my old one, my cat chew the wire.

The HyperX Cloud Core headset is actually the best headset i've tried for under 100$ It have a perfect sound, the microphone have a good range, people ear your well and you'll ear them perfectly. and for music, the bass and trebble are just wow!

Part Reviews


Best bang for the bucks in the actual FX Serie

CPU Cooler

Good watercooling system for the cpu. But it is thick... like really thick


A good gaming MOBO with a great OC system! I would recommend this Mobo to anyone building a AMD FX serie Build


Good price for simple parts that do their job perfectly


I don't regret this SSD, but for 5$ more, i could have had a 500GB ssd. but hey. Kingston! Good products with good prices


This company've been in the industry for long enough that i don't really have to make a review about this. I wouldn't go with any other company for HDD


This company've been in the industry for long enough that i don't really have to make a review about this. I wouldn't go with any other company for HDD

Video Card

if there were more stars, i would give this a 10 stars! Damn i'm so surprised by this. A brand coming out of nowhere, doing such quality products. Quiet! The performance is more than there. The look is meh, but for the price, i would recommend this over any 1060!

You need a 1060, pick this. That's it, that's all

Optical Drive

Since i already had it, it's a good one, but i wouldn't pay for this OD.

Operating System

I will get use to this OS, but i miss the good old Win7 or Win XP

Case Fan

Quiet, Cold, Quiet, Quiet, Quiet, Cool, Nice, Corsair, Quiet


Good basic monitor. keeping this one before buying a new 144hz one. will be perfect for a 2 screen set up


Do the job for a 15$ mouse. But honestly, should have spent a little more for something better


Worth every dimes spent! works on Xbox One, and PC and PS4. Perfect sound for gaming and music! This is a must buy!

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  • 38 months ago
  • 1 point

Good needed it now PC. It will be worthy of some good high to ultra settings and certainly play double duty as a space heater.

  • 38 months ago
  • 1 point

Dude, even at -35 outside, the appartement is always at the right temp ;)

  • 38 months ago
  • 1 point

I guess cos of the build's title you're playing NFSMW, right?

  • 38 months ago
  • 1 point

Nah, just that i wanted that PC for a long long time

  • 38 months ago
  • 1 point

The cat caught your mouse

  • 36 months ago
  • 1 point

Nice build ! From montreal too by the way :)