Re-post of initial build post back in March 2018.

Built this PC as my first back in March of this year. In the 7 months, I have used this PC, it has not failed to put a smile on my face. The aim of the PC was to be able to run most of my Engineering software and uni work, while also being able to game at high-max settings at 1080p for most games. The PC was able to achieve these and overall, I'm very happy with the finished build.

One aspect of the build which everyone commented on, in the previous build post, was in regards to the orientation of the CPU cooler. The AMD bracket which came with the Quad Lumi restricted me from orientating it the other way around (with the fan facing the right). This isn't really a big deal to me as the CPU cooler is still able to suck in cold air from the bottom and keep the CPU at a reasonable idle temperature of 25 Degrees Celsius.

You'll notice that some of the prices in the build guide may seem quite inflated, and you aren't wrong. As most of the PC components were purchased in February 2018, prices were still heavily regulated by the mining craze. The Gigabyte GTX1060 3GB G1 Gaming and team Group 8GB 3000MHz RAM were the two extremely inflated products at $389 and $179 respectively. Today, the current pricing sits around $260 and $110 respectively. I also just bought an extra 500GB Samsung 860EVO, which I picked up for $109 ($10 less than what I bought my 250GB 850EVO for 7 months ago).

Gaming on this PC is more than enough for me and the games I play. Games like CSGO and Fortnite play easily on MAX settings, both well over 120fps. The Witcher 3 at max settings runs between 60-90 fps, occasionally dipping below 60 to the mid-50s, which isn't a big deal at all. Finally PUBG, which at high settings and textures and foliage set to medium can run anywhere between 60-140 fps. Due to its poor optimisation, the fps can easily dip to well below 60fps, which is very frustrating but expected from PUBG by now.

My next two upgrades for this PC will be to get 16GB 3200MHz RGB RAM and either a GTX1070/1070ti. Not considering a GTX1080, as I'll most likely have to upgrade my PSU.

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  • 14 months ago
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totally off topic, but what's the lego set you have there? (i really like it)

  • 9 months ago
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So, so sorry for this late reply. It is called The Big Rig. It is a Creator set released back in 2007. Code is 4955.