Build a Ubuntu machine meant to run Plex and some emulators for retro controller type games. I also use it to watch movies with my friend who lives in the UK and we use SyncPlay while torrenting movies. I basically had to make sure all my Windows programs worked in Ubuntu but pretty happy how it managed to turn out. I since installed Ubuntu on my main desktop since it's so slick with the 18.04 update

I mostly cared about how cheap the build was and it had to use some spare parts I had laying around (like the CPU cooler came from my main build but I have since upgraded that to something bigger as well as but it in a new case). The RAM is only 8GB but I couldn't find it so I picked the next best thing. It was a super easy install and powered up ASAP and Ubuntu was installed without issue. Uses integrated graphics (the case doesn't have a spot for a GPU anyways) and overall pretty pleased with how fast it is since it's one of Intel's cheaper CPU's (Pentium Gold).

I used a spare 750 EVO for the SSD, it's only 120GB and then I have a 2TB external drive that I threw in an enclosure I had lying around. The build cost me $350 in new parts this 2018 Black Friday.

Still working on getting Plex to see my library of torrented garbage movies. My Dad has a huge collection of BluRays I plan to rip and throw into a NAS at some point, but for now that's for next year's Black Friday.

I like that my TV has built in Chromecast, so I can keep the MediaPC active on HDMI and then cast and it'll take over the screen.


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Try Cinnamon Desktop Environment. You'll be glad you did. It's way more beginner friendly than KDE.

  • 11 months ago
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I use GNOME! I actually don't like KDE either lol

Cinnamon is another good pick but I like flashy desktop animations and whatever that GNOME has lol

I like how with GNOME in Ubuntu they made it look like Unity a little bit with the launcher, which was my favorite part of Unity

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How fast is the (8GB) ram? DDR4-2400 or 2666?

  • 4 months ago
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2133 lol. I picked the cheapest on Newegg; this is a cheap build