This is my first build, as I needed to replace my aging laptop. I had some hiccups along the way, such as forgetting to plug in the cpu power cable, but it works now. It can handle all the games I play at 60 fps, so it succeeds in it's current job. It boots fast, as in windows takes less than 5 seconds after bios disappears. Hopefully it'll be able to run CAD next year when its purpose shifts, as well as work well for at least the next six years.

Part Reviews


Amd's newest cpu can handle all that I throw at it. The precision boost 2 does a good job with handling all my tasks without overclocking.


Wifi, bluetooth with lots of sata and usb headers. What more could one ask for? The rgb was also a nice touch.


Took some fiddling with bios to get to the full 3200mhz advertised and the stock timings can easily be tightened up. It runs the 16-17-17-34 that I have it set for easily instead of the stock 16-18-18-38.


This thing is blazing fast. It boots windows in <5 seconds every time with fast boot disabled. Coming from an old hdd, the improvement is mind blowing. It has enough room for both windows and some choice games.


I got it for free from an old laptop, and it works for additional storage. It's not fast or high capacity these days, but it still works for holding some less important files


It's a slow drive, but considering I salvaged it from an old laptop, it's usable. I would not have bought new, but it works well for an on board backup drive.


It's cheap mass storage, but is very loud when reading/writing. The two I have are by far the loudest part of my build.

Video Card

It runs most games on high settings at 60fps. It overclocks well, easily getting to 1950 mhz, but going much higher started to cause screen flickering. Only complaint is the price, but with the crypto craze, all gpus are overpriced.


It looks nice, but cable management space is a little tight and the window is easily scratched. The front panel audio cable is really short, though. It barely reaches my motherboard's header. The included fans are quiet and push air well, but an exhaust fan is a must for this case.

Power Supply

It's modular, came with all the necessary cables and didn't kill my components. It gets a 5 for working.

Optical Drive

It plays cds.

Operating System

It's microsoft, so overpriced as always, but I wanted to be able to transfer the license if (and when) I chose to upgrade.

Case Fan

Cheap, quiet and pushes air.


It is accurate and the adjustable dpi is a nice feature. It is heavy, buyer beware, but I happen to like a heavy mouse so it works great for me. The infinity scroll is a nice touch for getting through those impossibly long pdf files.


It's a card reader that's built in, not another dongle. Did I mention dongles suck?

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  • 24 months ago
  • 2 points

Sharp and simple build. I dig it. And forgetting the power plug in for CPU, dude it happens. So many wires and plugins, it happens, no biggy. And for your first build, it's the least of your worries of what could have gone wrong. Good job though and solid.

  • 24 months ago
  • 1 point

Nice build.

  • 20 months ago
  • 1 point

i have the same case but the usb connectors and such are on the top and not front facing by the cd drive. I like the location of yours much more

  • 19 months ago
  • 1 point

It has on the top, the front ones are from the rosewill card reader

[comment deleted by staff]
  • 23 months ago
  • 1 point

WIth the price of syrup up here, It'd almost be cheaper getting full hardline over paying for the syrup

[comment deleted by staff]
  • 19 months ago
  • 1 point

It's rgb, although the asrock rgb header doesn't match the board color with the ryzen cooler very well