I had watched Youtube (LTT, Austin, Jay, Etc.) for a while before I wanted to build a computer. I was also editing in Premiere on my mid-2016 Macbook Pro, which was painful. I was wanting to ascend and start some PC gaming, and I began to put part lists together on here. I didn't have any problems building it, but I tried to overclock, panicked, and stopped. It's good for what I need to do.

Part Reviews


It's perfect for everything that I need to do with it, and maybe even a little overclocking down the road. Got it for a steal at MicroCenter for $179 .99.

CPU Cooler

Really easy to attach. No already applied thermal paste, but thats not a problem at all. The only problem was the RGB. It makes noises with the fans (I don't know why, on the pulse settings it's weird.) It also looks kinda bad compared to my Corsair LL fans from the case. Probably going to get two more of LL fans at one point. I guess thats what to expect for a lower end A/IO.


Great looking and working motherboard. Has all the expansion I need, looks good, and at a good price. The RGB is below par, a lot of hotspots, but if you dim it, then it's less noticeable. No complaints about anything else.


Incredible looking ram, and no problems with these. Had no problem enabling XMP. A really good choice for overall incredible looking and working ram.


This had been an awesome experience. I used to boot up and had to leave my computer sitting there, but with this it's booted in under a minute! Definitely worth the extra price over other types of drives. Even if you got a different brand than Samsung, I would completely go SSD.

Video Card

Good looking and good quality. No problems, has worked along with all my parts to run 1440p ultrawide on . "High" settings.


After seeing this case in person, I switched up my entire build to Micro ATX. The fans and the case look incredible, and the back access to HDD bays is a nice touch although I'm not using them. Looks better without the dust filters and if you're not in a dusty area, I'd reccomend keeping them off.

Power Supply

It works. I wish I went Semi-Modular, but the cables aren't a problem because they're in the back section. It is full, but there are no airflow problems because the PSU has its own vent. I don't mind the ugly cables either because of the cable extensions.


Final addition to my setup, and I'm not disappointed. A lot larger than I expected, didn't have anything to base the 34 inches off of. I went quality over refresh rate because of video editing, and it looks so much better than the 720p monitor I was using with this computer before I got the monitor. Only complaints: port hiding panel on the back is nearly impossible to get on after taking it off to plug everything in and the monitor sticker on the bottom left a sticky residue when I peeled it off. Not a big deal. Overall incredible monitor and really good value.


Really comfortable, the side buttons and side scroll wheel work and help a lot in Premiere. Three Bluetooth profiles is awesome too. Only problem is size. It's massive! Good choice for any productivity setup.


Super comfortable and the RGB looks awesome. Adjustable DPI buttons are nice too.


Sound incredible, and the VC-Game mixer is a really nice touch. Really comfortable and the RGB looks really good.


They look really good. Only thing is cable combs. Really hard to get onto the 20+4 pin cable and sometimes others. Not sure if that's always the case, but be prepared.

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