This build was for my finacee. Her laptop was horribly slow and she wanted something to game on, so her dad and I built this for her. She paid for most of it, and her dad paid for part of the GPU.

CPU: For the processor, I was debating on either the 4590 or the 4460. The 4460 seemed like a better deal, and I thought the 4590 was cheaper on Amazon than what it really was, so we paid a bit more for it than I would have liked, but it's a great processor, so I guess I can live with it. :)

RAM/Motherboard: The RAM was on sale the day we bought, so we switched RAM at the last minute to get 1866Mhz instead of 1600Mhz. That was purely a bonus (and the lights were a bonus too, right?), although I didn't realize until after we bought everything that the motherboard only supports up to 1600Mhz. That was kind of a downer. To be honest, the difference would have been very little, and it was cheaper to go with this since the RAM was on sale anyway. Looking back, I probably wouldn't change anything with the RAM or motherboard.

Storage: For storage we went with an SSD for the OS and just a standard 1TB HDD for storing games. This isn't a media hub for her (yet) so this will be fine for her.

Video Card: We had every intention of going with a 4GB GTX 960, but her dad was willing to pay for the difference between the 960 and the 970, so she got a free upgrade, you might say. I don't know exactly how much he paid, but the total was in the neighborhood of $325. She also got Assassin's Creed Syndicate for free when he ordered it.

Case: The case was supposed to be nothing special. We had heard good things about Rosewill and the fans/airflow of the case, so we stuck with them. It doesn't have USB 3.0 headers, but she would be transferring mostly Word docs and other small files, so we didn't figure that would be an issue either. Also, the motherboard has 3.0 compatibility, so she can just use that if she needs to. Upgrading to the version that had 3.0 headers wasn't worth the money.

Power Supply: We got spoiled with the PSU. Her brother built a sweet rig and thought he had issues with his PSU, so he bought a new one. Turns out it wasn't the power supply, so he gave her the old one. That's why it's 750W and $0. I don't think the PSU listed is the exact model she has, but it's pretty close. It's also not modular so the cable management is awful. The case doesn't have a window, so no one has to look at how bad it looks.

Monitor: For a while, we were using my TV (24") as a monitor, just because we didn't have the money to buy an actual monitor. With a 970, I thought it would be a waste to go with 1080p, so I saved up and bought the Acer for $200 on Black Friday. Everyone tells me that I didn't buy it for her, and that is totally false. ;) It was a killer deal and I'm very happy with it, despite some color bleed along the edges. At $150 off, I can't complain too much.

If anyone is wondering, the boot up time is around 12 seconds. Thank you SSD!

Part Reviews


Great CPU for the money. No complaints. Intel did a good job.


Looks good and performs well. The lights really added to the build and 1866Mhz is a plus.

Video Card

This thing is a frickin' beast! Well worth the money for a 1440p build.


My only complaint is that it doesn't have USB 3.0 headers. Airflow is great. Fans are great. And the blue fan is just a fun little bonus.


I got mine on sale for pretty cheap, so I can't speak about the regular price, but I did notice some pretty insane color bleed along the edges (especially the bottom), but only with the deep blacks. Can't tell much while playing, but once you see it, you can't unsee it.

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Cables! Try and fix those up! Anyways, nice build!