Hello. First and foremost, thank you for taking the time to check out my build! This build has been over the span of a few years, but I think I am finally finished with it!

This computer started out as a simple Corsair 540 case with a i7 4790k CPU inside and the 1070 STRIX (including supporting mods). After a while I began to see lots of 8700k builds and some pretty cool 540 case builds. I started to browse more and more builds and decided that it was time to upgrade! I ended up getting a z370-F gaming motherboard, i7 8700k, and 16gb G-Skill RGB Ram. I had it all put into the case and was very happy with my build.

I then started to see more and more custom water loop builds. I then got the itch again and decided to pull the trigger and buy some water loop parts from EKWB. Long story short, here she is in all her glory!! The install was rather straight forward with a bit of research before hand. The 540 case is awesome for cable management in the back and a clean sleek look upfront!

I mainly use this computer for playing games while streaming, this computer handles that perfectly. I am very satisfied with this and I think this PC is complete until the new nvidia cards come out :)

Enjoy the build! Looking forward to any feedback! Thanks for your time!


  • 21 months ago
  • 3 points

I love it, super clean.

  • 21 months ago
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Form < Function +1

  • 18 months ago
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Really good stuff. Well done!