So I wanted to get a small upgrade to my 3 year old laptop with integrated graphics but It got out of hand and now I have this. This was my Christmas Present from my parents as they paid for it and helped build it. I use this for gaming and plan on making videos soon and editing things.

BTW I named it The Blue Danube as my computer is lit blue and its my favorite Piece of music ever.

Part Reviews


Works wonderfully at 4.5GHz and does great at it job.

CPU Cooler

Keeps my i7 cool and works. Had to subtract a point as It is a pain in the *** to install


Don't really care for the features but it works and matches my case


Fast and amazing load times.

Video Card

Awesome card works great in DX12 and AMD Relive works fantastically, would get over GTX 1060


Nice to work with and nice color


144HZ is Amazing and I will never go back to 60HZ

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  • 39 months ago
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Class. The high kind.

Thanks for posting.

Btw thank you for putting the cooler hoses at the bottom of that radiator. I've never heard of any issue putting them at the top, but the mechanic in me thinks it would cavitate the pump with the hoses at the top. Shoot or with the pump above the radiator.

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