Cable management could be better, but I'll work on it later.

My first build wasn't terribly slow, but it was definitely not the fastest. With Fallout 76 coming out, I wanted to upgrade to something that would play anything at 1080p60 for years to come.

  • CPU: I didn't want to spend $200 on a CPU, so AMD was the obvious choice. The R5 1600 seemed like a good option, especially with the relatively beefy cooler. I know the 2600 is faster, but I didn't think paying $20 more for 5 FPS I won't see was worth it. Plus, I can always upgrade to a later AM4 CPU in the future.
  • RAM: I was going to go with a cheaper kit, but it went out of stock. The next best option was this one.
  • MOBO: Needed something inexpensive with 4 RAM slots for upgradeability. Went with B350 for better overall quality and overclocking support.
  • GPU: For 1080p60, this is very much overkill. I was going to get a 1060 6GB, but a used 1070 was actually cheaper. Plus, it goes well with the 1600. Bought it from a reputable seller on eBay, so far it's been great. I know reference cards aren't the best, but the price was good and it performs well.

The case, SSD, and power supply were from the original build. I will probably add more RAM, a better PSU, and a 1TB hard drive in the near future.

May 2019 Update: I may have regretted buying Fallout 76, but I certainly don't regret buying this system. It's still doing just fine, by the way.

Part Reviews


Solid CPU for the price (I paid $150). Included cooler has no problems keeping this thing cool, even when bumped up to 3.7 while running Prime95. This thing has no problems running any games I play.


Basic motherboard. Seems to work just fine. Got it for the price, B350, and the 4 RAM slots.


Solid kit of RAM from a reputable manufacturer.


Have used for ~2 years with no problems.

Video Card

Bought used off of eBay for $250. You're not going to have it running as cool as an open-air card, but with a slightly aggressive fan curve set, I haven't had it go much beyond 75 C. And of course, it looks really nice as well.


Plenty of ventilation, looks decent. Good luck getting any sort of cable management done, though- you're going to have a hard time squeezing any large cables back there. Don't buy this case if you want the inside of your system to look pretty- it probably won't.

Power Supply

It isn't modular, so your build will probably be messy It is pretty reliable (had used it in my system for 2.5 years without any problems) for $30, though the price appears to have gone up significantly since then. While not bad, I would recommend buying a nicer semi-modular or modular power supply.


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Thanks for the feedback, James.

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ah yes you're welcome my dude

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Congrats on the fantastic 1070 deal!

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Question: Is it just me, or is the motherboard brown?

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The motherboard is black, it's probably my phone.

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why is the motherboard have b350 in the name but it say x370 in the right corner lmao.

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Yeah, I noticed that too. It's definitely a B350 board, no idea why that's there.