For my first build, I wanted to play games for around $1000. It was kinda rough, but it served my needs. This build was the one I've been dreaming of for years.

No longer do I need to think, "Will this run? Will I have to turn the settings down? Why is my computer so ugly?"

Nah, but seriously, I like this computer. I kinda went with a Mirror's Edge aesthetic: a style I know only as Ikeapunk. I wanted 1440p ultrawide for a while, but the monitors weren't cheap. A few years ago, I swear the 100hz 3440x1440 panels were like $1300, and I bought this one for $850. I certainly don't regret it, but I do regret making it the first new part of the build (an RX 480 can't do this resolution too well without making big sacrifices to the frame gods). Picked up a used 1080ti from eBay at a price that I wasn't too opposed to, seeing as they were going for around $800-850 new at the time. Paired with an 8700K. Got a mobo that matched the color scheme and aesthetic (and the case manufacturer) when it went on sale. Another SSD. 32 more GB of RAM. Bigger PSU (I was getting close to my limit on a 550W). Smashed it all into a surprisingly small yet accommodating case. I'm satisfied.

A lot of the parts I already had from my first build (HDDs, SSD, RAM, cooler, monitor & peripherals) and I ran with my old PSU for a while, but I think I'm at the point where I can say that this is a new build. And I will be using this hopefully for the next five years.

Part Reviews


It's a good CPU. I haven't tried overclocking it yet, just never got around to it or felt like I needed to.

CPU Cooler

This thing is nice, but damn if it isn't a pain in the *** to install. It doesn't fit in much, and in my last case I had to remove a screw to cram it in. This one I couldn't fit it where the radiators normally go and had to mount it on the back fan spot. The radiator/fan assembly is just kind of cumbersome, but it's solid otherwise. CPU temps stay pretty, pretty low.


It's a good motherboard. I had to take the top L-shaped plate off because I couldn't fit some stuff in there like my CPU cooler radiator, but it's easily removable. Matches the aesthetic I was going for perfectly. Comes with 2 RGB LED strips, which is nice. Got it on sale, too.


Shiny RAM and more of it. Future-proofing at least.

Video Card

I feel like this thing can get kinda loud, but it delivers where it needs to. Looks nice, temperatures stay pretty safe.


Very versatile little case. Hard drive cage looked sketchy, ended up being pretty solid. Cable management is great. Could be even better if there was more room, but this is a little case so it's kind of expected you're not getting much of that. Removable front fan spots is nice so you don't have to rummage around.


Monitor looks better than most 4k monitors I've used. 100hz alone is noticeably smoother, and I usually keep it there. It might get kind of unstable when overclocking - I got some weird line patterns once, and never again, but I've only overclocked it all of three times or so. The settings are great, build quality is solid, all the USB ports help with flight sticks and such.

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