For my first PC build, I believe this turned out very well. I just really wanted to have a desktop I could play top notch games on. It took me about four months to save up for this and it was money well spent. I started the assembling shortly before my 17th birthday and finished it a few days after. For my monitor I am using a new 28" HD TV. For now, I am only running one video card but I might get a second eventually.

EDIT: I have since upgraded the GPU and the RAM in it so it will be VR ready.

Part Reviews


Runs perfectly and I am very pleased with it.


This motherboard is amazing, looks great, and has plenty of utilities. I would suggest this to anyone.


Wish I would of gotten the black version.

Video Card

Definitely worth the price.


This is such a great tower. The fans in it are very good.

Power Supply

I went overboard on the power supply, but it's just in case I decide to upgrade later.


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imo, I would've downgraded my CPU and bought a better graphics card, or bought a better graphics card, and maybe a closed loop cooler for a 4790k.

nice build +1

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My personal opinion would be to get a more powerful GPU and stick with an i5-4690k, but then I saw the size of your case and the size of your PSU. It's clear that you're heading towards multicard. Make sure you have plenty of airflow on those 280's when you get more, as multicard likes to strangle the card above it for fresh air.

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Great job on the build +1

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what have you changed the gpu to????? looking to update mine and want to know if it is worth it

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For some reason I went way overboard with it.

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