So this is it... My first ever Gaming/Game Development PC. Before this I had a celeron laptop with 4GB of RAM which actually isn't so bad but this is a BIG improvement over the laptop I had.

My new PC VS The laptop I have

I will mainly use this computer for Game Development and Gaming but I'll also use it for music "production" in FL Studio 12. So let's start from the beginning: I have spent 4 hours and x minutes trying to build this computer (and since it's my first time I wanted it to be perfect) but there's somethings that I could have done to improve the overall look of the computer. For example, I could have spent less money on the case and have bought RGB Fans but I just loved this case and I couldn't resist. By the way, I was pretty lucky on getting this Gigabyte GXT 1060 3GB for only 230€, where I live it costs a lot more (now with the miners :/).

Also, I know that some of people that build computers for the first time press the power button and nothing happens. Some times they actually need to see if they connected something wrong but it wasn't the case surprisingly! Pressed the power button on the first try and it just worked! I haven't tested any graphic demanding games but I will want to buy, at some point, GTA V, Minecraft (xd), DiRT, Rise of the Tomb Raider... but I couldn't be happier with this build!

Building a computer is not difficult, if I can do it you can do it. And yes, 240GB is enough for me :P Probably will buy an external HDD, upgrade the RAM to 16GB (later down the road if I need it, right now I just don't) and replace this awful keyboard with the Cooler Master MasterKeys Lite or Corsair Strafe.

Part Reviews


Even though the i5 7500 makes more sence than the 7400 I didn't pay full price on it so that's why I got it. It's actually really fast!

CPU Cooler

Really nice cooler for the money, but I spent like 45 minutes trying to mount it. So far, I'm happy with it because the temperatures are down!


This motherboard looks awesome! I wish they added more LEDs but it looks phenomenal!


Red RAM that looks cool and performs well.


For the money, I could have ended up with a better one. It's fast though!

Video Card

Love this GPU! Looks nice and performs very good!


LOOKS AWESOME! Build was smooth with this case!

Power Supply

Nice decent PSU for the money from a reputable brand.

Operating System

Other than privacy, Windows 10 is great!

Wireless Network Adapter



Let's start with the Pros: - Looks really nice - Has Freesync - 75 Hz

Now the Cons: - Difficult to mount - Colors look horrible and yellow-ish once you turn on the monitor for the first time! Had to spend about 1 hour in the AOC menu to tweak the settings and the color to match my IPS display.


AWESOME MICE! A little big for me though!

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  • 30 months ago
  • 1 point

Ryzen>Intel when it comes to dev stuff atm

  • 30 months ago
  • 2 points

Also, Windows 10 can be obtained for free from Microsoft via some handicap thing.

  • 30 months ago
  • 1 point

I know but I had already bought the i5 before RYZEN CPUs were out. Anyway, I don't regret my purchase however! :P

  • 30 months ago
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Attention > Please Read:

For those who are interested in the OCZ SSD I would NOT recommend it since it failed me 21 days of using it. I can't figure out how to edit my rating so... Sorry. I will have to buy a new SSD now. Total waste of money.

  • 24 months ago
  • 1 point

Can you tell me what is your color settings

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