I use this machine for daily gaming, video [recording, editing, and rendering], and streaming.

This PC that I started building after the GTX 750 TI I ordered didn't fit in my old Optiplex 760.

I started off with the same FX 8320 I have now, but with the stock cooler on it. Then I had 8GB of Crucial Ballistix memory and an old Micro Center budget case.

The only things that has changed in my rig is the case, the GPU, the RAM, and the cooler. The funny story on the GPU is that it was perfectly fine on the clearance rack of my local Micro Center, and I picked it up for basically half off, marking the price down from $508 to $280 and some change.

The next thing to change is the CPU and motherboard, which I am going to upgrade it to the i7-6800k sometime in the near future. That'll be the one thing to change this PC from mid tier to high tier.

With this cooler, 3.7 GHz is the most stable overclock I can do without the temps hitting 60+ celsius.

UPDATE 1 (07/24/2016): I bought a Corsair H100i v2 in my rig and it works like a charm. The next thing I'll be upgrading is the CPU since mine is pretty much in the dumps right now. [Overwatch uses 100% CPU and has frame drops, other programs take up a lot of CPU where it doesn't need to be, idle uses 10%, etc.]

Part Reviews


It's a pretty good entry card for 1080p gaming, but for more CPU demanding games (Overwatch, etc) you'll be better off with something else.

CPU Cooler



Not the best SSD but it gets the job done.


An amazing amount of storage and hasn't given me problems.

Video Card

Given that I got it basically at a steal, it's working amazing. Definitely better than my old 750 Ti, that's for sure. The temps are a bit hot but the backplate is definitely hot, but you wont be touching that so it wont matter.


An AMAZING case full of possibilities, lots of hard drive bays, a fat 140mm fan in the back, and white LED's on the back and logo. It can fit fat cards (aka R9 390x) but the hard drive bays cannot come out, it doesnt hurt me though. No disk drive bays, but in a growing age of USB's and such you don't need the DVD's. It also hides the cables very very well.

Power Supply

Great power supply! I need a bigger one though, my GPU is right at the brink.

Wireless Network Adapter

Does NOT have W10 drivers, but with a good workaround it works pretty well. Get the next one up though.


WOH AMAZING MONITOR, especially from moving from a 60hz monitor. Colors are beautiful and all that.

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  • 46 months ago
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Some top fans should cool down the GPU better, I have a 390 and an H440 and know what you mean with the GPU getting hot.

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  • 46 months ago
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This ^

Don't see anything mid-tier here. OP's being modest.

  • 46 months ago
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you right, but the processor is what keeps it from being a high tier pc.

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