My brother was without a PC for around four or five years. I had some spare parts (case, cooler, SSD, RAM), so I bought him a video card and PSU and he got the motherboard, CPU, another SSD (NVMe drive for booting) and monitor. We got a great deal from our local Micro Center for the Ryzen 7 1700X and MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC, and my brother got the monitor on sale from Amazon. After I put the system together and installed Windows on his NVMe drive, I overclocked the 1700X to 3.8GHz across all cores (unstable at anything higher - also wasn't boosting at stock, not sure if there is a setting for that). The 1660 we overclocked using the OC scanner and it boosts regularly to 2GHz. Most games run at above 60fps at 1440p, well below his monitor's max refresh. With Freesync, it's not a problem, and we have a lot of headroom for upgrading that video card down the line.

Planned upgrades aside from the video card are maybe another M.2 NVMe SSD since he has two slots, and maybe upgrading his 1700X to the 3700X during the holidays.

He got himself a new keyboard and mouse, both good ones from Cooler Master (got a great deal from Micro Center). Probably try to upgrade his video card sometime later this year.

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

One of the best 360mm AIOs I've tested, and I've tried more than a few. Only downside is CAM, but it's really not a big deal as you can get full functionality of the product using "guest mode" (no sign in or data transmit required).


Excellent motherboard for the price, especially since it comes with two M.2 NVMe slots (even a heat spreader for one of them), and built in wifi. All of this one top of a good board with good VRMs, definitely a solid choice to upgrade even to the Zen 2 series of AMD CPUs.


This monitor occasionally goes on sale for as low as $320 on Amazon ($300 at Micro Center if you live near one - in store only). At that price, it is an absolute steal. Normal price is over $500. Solid panel with no real drawbacks unless you think 32" is too big for a non ultrawide panel (a valid complaint). Look for it on sale and pick one up fast!


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Nice cable management. You did a great work.

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Thanks, I really enjoy building systems.