This is my Living Room's PC build and is primarily used for watching TV/Internet shows and movies, but is also used for some light couch gaming (primarily older games and emulators).

After upgrading to Ryzen on my main rig, I had a spare FX-4300, the motherboard it came with, 16GB RAM, and a R7 360 laying around and collecting dust. I decided to use them to build a living room PC since the little Sony "netflix box" that we used, started to die (rip). I purchased a case, HDD, SSD, PSU, CPU cooler, sound card, DVD drive, two fans, and a cheap windows license and went to work.

Putting it together was easy and there were no challenges once it was up and running. I did notice that the motherboard lacked a USB 3.0 header and so the USB ports on the front of the case would otherwise be useless. To remedy this, I purchased an inexpensive USB 3.0 to 2.0 connects and now they are up and running at 2.0 speeds.

Th StarTech sound card in the PC is hooked up to a Yamaha R-S500BL stereo receiver which in turn is hooked up to two old RCA speakers from the early 90s (my Dad gave them to me, barely used) and Everything sounds great with plenty of volume to spare. I plan on adding two more bookshelf speakers and a subwoofer for greater range and improved bass. As far as gaming goes, it handles older titles like the first two Mass Effects and Far Cry 2, as well as emulation, with ease at 60 FPS, 1080p on high-max settings.

Side note: The front panel that is seen in the final image was the one that came with the case. In order to improve airflow in the case, I drilled a pattern of holes into the panel and I thought it looked kind of neat. The on downside is that it increased the noise factor from the fans which sucks when watching a TV show (hummmmmmm). I used that for a while before ordering a new front panel and stashing the modified one. At least it lets you see the color of the fans. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Part Reviews


Old, but great for a HTPC build.

CPU Cooler

Much quieter than the whiny stock fan that my FX 4300 came with and is virtually silent. Keeps everything nice and cool.

Sound Card

Excellent for the price, easy to install, and zero driver issues. The general volume is louder and the sound is clearer than the on-board audio.

Case Fan

They're decent for the price and the LED purple is a deep, rich color. I just hoped that the LED was a little bit brighter as it does not light up my case (Corsair 100R) like I was hoping. A tad noisy.

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  • 23 months ago
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Great recycling of the old PC parts. I like how you hid the PC behind the HDTV pic as well. When I saw pic 7 I was actually looking at the wooden console and wondering where the PC actually was. Never would have thought to place it there. Great job on keeping everything clean.

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  • 23 months ago
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Hey thanks for the compliments, latc1956! That black cloth idea is gold! I've thought about buying some dust filters and securing to the front panel with some adhesive, but the cloth idea is likely more cost effective.

Edit: And yes I have profusely thanked my father for the speakers. Even though he did not use them often, it was still a generous house warming gift. He's a great guy.