I built this computer because... Well... I had this gaming computer but at the same time sometimes I have friends over and my little brother needed a better computer. Since I always had not used a lot of my processor I did this!

One of the first problems I had was when I plugged the RX 460 into a PCIe x1 riser it did not work. I thought this was strange because my R9 380 was just fine.

My second problem is from before the first problem... So what happened was my sister had got me a Asus Radeon HD 5450 by winning a small bet with her teacher. I was very happy but I found out it stopped working as soon as it was passed into a virtual machine. In the end I got the RX 460 and it seems to work fine!

My 3rd problem was the monitors. I wanted the 2 high... Higher end computer right next to each other but I did not have a long enough VGA for the small monitor.

4th problem was HDD mounting. What happened was is that when I got the case it said it had 3 2.5" HDD/SDD mounts but I had only found 2.

5th problem goes back to mounting one of the 2.5" mounting spaced was in a bad spot, bent, and basically broken... So I had to be creative and make a spot of my own out of the side of the 5.25" bay.

The 6th problem was getting the 2nd GPU to fit but I fixed this by moving some of the wires and I had room to put it in after that.

7th and last problem was sound for my brother's VM. I looked around amazon and ran into one that had a tag that said amazon's choice or something like that but I have to say for $8 it was a steal considering how good it sounds. I must say amazon has good taste in quality for price. Oh and almost forgot. The USB sound card was a Sabrent brand if you want to check it out... link

Now for what worked! =D

Well... Where do I start. It's working! That's something! Right?

In the end everything has been working as intended but I will say that sooner or later I do want to get my pc and my brother's pc off the same HDD. It's a pain for load times.

Extra Notes

Um... Ignore the Wireless Network Card in the part list... oops! xD

I hope I covered everything! But if you want more information about the PC just tell me!

!!! Incoming Benchmarks. I am taking benchmarks right now! !!!

Part Reviews

Power Supply

75% to nearly 100% usage and high room temps 24/7 and still works 100% fine.


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thinks you like spaghetti

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What do you mean? Are you talking about the wires? xD

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yep, sends my OCD into melt down

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Wow. I could not help it though sadly. Or could I? xD

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looks at cable management you need jesus

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Yeah i'm new to building computers. But brother that is ridiculous. Plus a fire hazard. Be safe please.