Okay, so to preempt this, this was my first real build and I am upgrading to my, at least aesthetically, what my dream PC is. (I’ll be posting it tomorrow or Thursday hopefully!) Secondly, being that this was my first build it has gone through many iterations starting with a 750 ti all the way up to what it is now. Alright so keeping that in mind, let's get started!

Edit: Yeah, my desk is super messy and honestly this is for more of a before and after so sorry for the bad photos.

CPU: I got the 4690k, almost three years ago according to Amazon with this motherboard and an Asus GTX 750 ti. Overall this CPU has been very good to me. I’ve never had it be a bottleneck for gaming or the light photoshop and video editing I do. It’s a CPU, what else can I say?

Motherboard: Ok… why did I get this motherboard again? I honestly have no idea… I think it was because it is Asus and has a Z97 chipset so I could one day overclock my CPU. Speaking of… the Auto OC tool on this guy sucks… I’m surprised since it is from Asus, but I tried it a little bit back and it worked well for about a week and then I started getting crashes, so I just reset the BIOS and everything was fine. Other than that, this motherboard has been a trooper. Believe it or not, at first I didn’t use motherboard standoffs to screw it into my case and it somehow stayed there the entire time. AND IT STILL WORKS after 3ish years of abuse. Also besides the Auto OC, the rest of the BIOS is great and has a lot of customizability and pretty good stock fan curves!

Memory: It’s RAM… nothing much to say besides that it looks good and doesn’t interfere with the CPU cooler.

Storage: Ok… so I bought the Seagate hybrid drive along with the motherboard because I couldn’t afford an SSD alongside it and hoped that its hybrid nature would have good speed. As far as I can remember, it made a small difference, but overall nothing huge. I currently use it as a storage drive for Steam games and such. Now the SSD on the other hand is incredible, I got this guy in 2015 and once I got Windows transferred to it, it was insanely fast. Even today, I’m still sorta impressed by the fact that my PC boots within 7 seconds. Also the software that came with this guy was awesome for a beginner.

Video Card: Ahhh, the hybrid cooled GTX 1070 by MSI. So I spent nearly 600$ on this guy. Don’t make my mistake and wait until the XX80 ti comes out so you can get stuff for cheap. However though, this guy is a beast for playing titles in 1080p and I can even play older games in 4k than downscaled which is awesome. Also the water cooled part is important to me because of my next build. I was sorta planning ahead with this card so I would be future proofed.

Case: This guy… Man. Ok so my first PC Case was the NZXT Phantom (I think?). It was this weird blue and black case that had temperature monitors and obnoxiously loud fans. So when I was looking at a new case the first thing I was looking for was silence. Given that this case came out in 2014, it was pretty good. Integrated fan controllers, noise dampening material, tons of drive bays, the whole nine yards. But damn looking at it today, this guy is sad. First of all, there is no practical 240 rad support, no PSU cover, three, THREE 5.25 slots, and an impossible to mount fan filter on the front. However, like I said, this case was good for its time. *Also yes I spent nearly 50$ on a windowed side panel cause I thought it would look cool.

Power Supply: Again when this came out this guy, and it still is, pretty good. However rainbow colored cables at the end instead of sleeve ones? Even budget PSUs, like the one I bought for my next build has that luxury. On the other hand it sorta matches the green and black color scheme. It is never loud or anything which is good.

Optical Drive: It came with my old prebuilt desktop and I just took it out and plopped it in this one.

Operating System: I’m just gonna say it… Windows 10 is a lot better than Windows 7. At least for my uses, gaming and school work. Also the less CPU usage and overall higher security is great. The adds aren’t but hey what can you do.

Case Fan: Dang these fans are quiet. At first they have a bit of a coil whine, but after a while, even under full load, I can barely hear them.

Monitor: I think these were on sale and I wanted to matching monitors. These guys are good. But like most monitors, color accuracy out of the box sucks and the speakers are horrible, but besides that no complaints.

Keyboard, Mouse, and Headphones: I love these guys, the H800 is awesome cause I can just switch between my phone and computer in a minute and the Razer keyboard and mouse are awesome. Chroma RGB is fun to mess around with too. They both feel great and responsive. I do mean to upgrade my headset somewhere down the line, maybe get the Artic 7, but I just can’t justify spending so much.

Custom: Both NZXT products work great. They look pretty to!!!

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  • 31 months ago
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I really recommend overclocking everything, manually of course, and never trust an auto overclocking tool. I I manually changed the clock speed on my i5-6600k and let it automatically change the voltage only to realize it was running so hot because it set it at 1.52 volts!

  • 31 months ago
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Great job on all those guys !

  • 31 months ago
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adjust the ram to either slots 1/3 or 2/4.

  • 31 months ago
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has te cpu ever done bottlenecking to the gpu ?

  • 27 months ago
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I like it dude good work Nice wallpaper too btw