I was pretty content with my last system but I decided to go ahead and upsize my rig just because. Most of these parts are recycled from my last rig with everything else being parts bought around the holidays and also some random bits and pieces last over from builds for that never saw the light of day. With that out of the way lets discuss the upgrades...


I know some people will be confused with my choice in not moving to Kaby Lake or Skylake but pretty much I was able to get the i5-4690k for $160 with a free stick of ram thrown in so that is really the main rationale for picking this chip. I was able to overclock to 4.4 ghz but I actually run this system at stock everyday. I overclocked to see how far I could go and stopped after that as I simply do not feel the need for the extra performance. Overall nice chip and happy with my purchase.


The motherboard was something I had on hand as it was bought to be used for a build for a friend that never came together and decided it be put to good use in my own rig. Also I think this motherboard is just sexy af so you know can't argue with that. But it is a really solid board with nice features and looks but it is pretty big. The board just barely fits into my case with it coming into contact with the rubber grommets on the side of the motherboard. However due to the nature of how some of the connectors are at a 90 degree angle and how close they are to the grommets there were issues with plugging some wires in. I ended up routing my 24 pin plug through one of the 3.5 bracket upgrade bracket things since I couldn't make the 24 pin plug bend so sharply into the 24 pin connector. I also did the same for my sata cables and usb 3 io plug till I was able to get some 90 degree sata data cables. I also ended up plugging the usb 3 io plug into a usb 2 adapter since I actually couldn't get the usb 3 plug to properly fit into the usb 3 port.

CPU cooler

Lots of people recommend this cooler (myself included) so I went ahead and bought one when it went on sale. It looks good and cools good. The package hovered at 67c with the hottest core reaching 74c during AIDA 64 stress testing and during games I never saw a core hit above 70c.


Okay so the more astute PCPP reader probably noticed my mismatched ram. I didn't even notice this myself till I plugged all the ram into my system and noticed a read out of 24gb of RAM. I thought that one of my sticks might have been dead but in the motherboard bios I noticed it was reading a RAM config of 8 , 4 , 8 , 4 and that is when it hit me. So yeah the RAM works fine though and I honestly don't even need this much RAM but yk what they say about never having enough RAM. Also 24gb for $90 is a win in my books.


All of my new storage was bought during Black Friday and some of y'all might even remember the MX300 750gb for $100 deal as it was pretty popular. The Toshiba drives were bought just because I wanted to upgrade from my old 5400 RPM 2TB drive and decided that at 3TB for $70 I might as well buy 2.


So I had no idea a tempered glass version of the Enthoo Pro M existed till I was shopping on Amazon and I saw the listing. I was actually in disbelief at the time of shopping as there weren't any reviews on the case and the price seemed pretty low but sure enough it was a thing. I was going to buy the Pro M acrylic version but since I could get the tempered glass version for like another $10 it was pretty clear what to pick. The case in true Phanteks fashion is a pleasure to work with , no real complaints except for the whole motherboard fiasco talked about earlier.

Everything else in my system are carried over from my last build so I am not going to cover any of it but if you have a question on anything I didn't talk about let me know. Overall I really like how everything came together and I am quite pleased with the my new system.

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  • 40 months ago
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ughhh that motherboard.... I want to have babies with it!

  • 40 months ago
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Lol it is definitely a looker for sure.

  • 40 months ago
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That i5 is loving its new throne. Your friend is crazy for not using it in his build (hopefully not because of something bad of course).