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I finished my loop maintenance a week ago and used the opportunity to upgrade some parts. Now that I've had some time with the rig I've decided to post about it on this particular forum. The PC in question is my do-it-all PC and I spend a lot of time on it.

Most of the components, both the computer hardware and the custom loop componentry, are carried over from the old build. Exceptions are the 3900X, Aorus Master and a stonking MO-RA you can see peeking over my main monitor in a few of the images.

As for the custom loop componentry, the list is long and, to be quite honest, I haven't really done a tally. If you happen to have questions regarding it, feel free to ask. Brands involved are EK (blocks, fittings, ZMT tubing, reservoir), Barrow (fittings, rigid tubing), Hardware Labs (internal radiators), Watercool (D5 pumps and MO-RA), Koolance (quick disconnect fittings) and Mayhems (biocide, corrosion inhibitor, dye).

The MO-RA is connected through an external section of the main loop and can be decoupled via QDCs. It has a second D5 pump attached to it and the Silent Wings 3s on it are controlled by an Aquacomputer QUADRO (highly recommended, even if you don't use a custom loop) and a temperature sensor. All of the stuff on it is powered by a spare Seasonic PSU I had lying around - I'm turning it on with a power switch I made. It's entirely autonomous and doesn't take power or data from the PC. Internal fans are also controlled with a second temperature sensor through the motherboard.

I've so far only messed with it with the MO-RA connected and it's awesome. The external radiator fans are configured to run quietly at 500 to 800 rpm (= coolant temps of 25 to 40 °C) unless **** hits the figurative fan, at which point they'll go ham. Even on a warm day with an ambient of around 30 °C, I've yet to see coolant pass 36 °C. As a result, GPU temps on my overclocked 1080 have topped at 42 °C. CPU temps, on the other hand, range up to 75ish °C in torture tests at stock and around 80 °C with PBO enabled. The 3900X definitely is a warm chip. Obviously, the system is considerably less noisy than before the introduction of the humongous external rad.

To conclude this, I'd like to end with what I'd consider a "fun" fact: Coolant capacity of my previous configuration without the external radiator was slightly less than a liter. The MO-RA alone, according to the spec, takes 1.4 L. With the tubing and everything, I'd estimate it to be closer to two liters. It's ridiculous.


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Nice idea with the external radiator. This could also work with "Full house water cooling" like what LTT did a few years ago.