First time build to replace my trusty, but dying laptop of 5+ years. Forgive the photos. Some are vertical. I'm a bad photographer.


My goal was to build a pc that...

  • I could carry onto flights, buses, and trains
  • Would hopefully last many, many years
  • Could handle having an excessive number of large spreadsheets, Word docs, pdfs, and tabs open at the same time
  • Could store the 2.5TB+ collection of movies/dramas/anime downloaded for family and myself
  • Would be quiet
  • Would be ok for gaming. This was a low priority. Was.


What should have have been a <$1000 project turned into a $1550 project, but I had a lot of fun building and learning about components so I don't regret it much.

However, the final build is an awkward mix of components for the price. While it meets my needs for portability, storage, and longevity... it's not a gaming pc, it's not a workstation, it's a weird sort of inbetween.

Build Tweaks

Some tweaks could be made for those who don't value storage as much as I do, or for those who won't be gaming on their pc.

The $900 Workstation Ie. what it should have been if I had self-control

A huge chunk of money could be saved by reducing from 16gb to 8gb RAM and removing the HDD and GPU. An additional $50-ish could be saved by going for a cheaper ATX PSU. This eliminates the need for an ATX to SFX PSU bracket as well.

More Gaming for the Same Price

Downgrading the PSU and 6TB HDD could free up funds for an overclockable CPU, CPU cooler, and better motherboard.

Build Issues

USB 3.0/2.0 interference

Usb 3.0 ports, when in use, may interfere with usb 2.0 2.4GHz wireless devices — like the Logitech unifying receiver.

While I did not experience this interference on my old laptop, it was not the case with this build. I'm not sure if the issue was caused by the case, the motherboard, or both. The interference persisted even when devices were plugged in far away from each other — one at the front, and one at the back of the case.

My solution was to put the unifying receiver on a 3ft usb extension cable. The extension is bundled with my HDMI cable where it ends up hidden behind my monitor to reduce clutter.

Excessive force

I broke 2 of the 4 rubber screws that came with the Cryorig fan while trying to readjust it (my fault). They were replaced by rubber bands looped with cable ties. Janky, but it's held up so far.

Part Reviews


Not outstanding, but functional.

Comes with wifi.
Just the right number of USB 3.0 and 3.1 ports.
Costs ~$50 less than the next option.

Rear ports are a bit wiggly.
Audio is not the best (mic is barely audible without gain when it's fine on other pc's).

Video Card

Just short enough to fit into the SG13 from the top instead of having to slide it in from the front as recommended in the manual. Made building a lot easier.


Was a lot of fun to build with this case!

The SG13 expects GPUs to be slipped in from the front, but the Sapphire Pulse RX 580 was just short enough to be lowered into the case from the top. Made building a lot easier.

Reducing clutter with a M.2 SSD and SFX PSU was well worth it. It would have made cable management very frustrating otherwise.

If using an SFX PSU, be aware you will need an ATX to SFX PSU bracket.

It's possible to route HDD and GPU cables between the outer shell and HDD bracket to further reduce cable clutter. However, depending on your cables, it could create a bulge.

Despite what it says in the manual, the SG13WB does come with a dust filter for the front case fan. Still no filter for the top/side vents.

Power Supply

Small, quiet, fully-modular, and very well built.


Thank goodness for the Home Use Program. Cost $13, no tax.

Case Fan

Works. Comes with 4 rubber screws that are very secure. So secure they are difficult to remove without snapping.


Used with the Corsair SF450 and Silverstone SG13. Does the trick.

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  • 17 months ago
  • 3 points

I think you landed on a pretty well-balanced build. Nothing strikes me as being excessive compared to everything else and for what you were trying to accomplish. The SG13 build I participated in used a 1st gen Ryzen 3 processor and 1060 3GB so compared to yours, I'm just about one step down and the opposite brand of your i5 and RX 580 8GB. I, too, had to kludge my fan mount since I didn't actually have any screws to go with it. Zip ties are great! I went with a Silverstone PSU since it came with an ATX-SFX adapter, albeit a centered one vs. an off-center one that allows greater central clearance. If I ever upgrade to something with more cooler clearance, I'd consider ponying up the extra. As it is now, the exisiting solution is fine. The Silverstone fan is smaller than the Corsair fan but I think it does the trick. You also did a bangup job with your cabling. Very nice!

  • 17 months ago
  • 2 points

Thank you so much! Yes, I have a newfound appreciation for zip ties now :)

  • 17 months ago
  • 1 point

+1 Hi! What are CPU/GPU temps under load? How noisy is this video card while gaming? Wouldn't blower style GPU help better with the airflow or is the airflow good as it is?

  • 17 months ago
  • 1 point

Oops, I forgot to update the temps when under load.
CPU and GPU were 69°C and 73°C respectively. I tested with prime95 and Unigine Valley on ultra.
I've honestly only heard the GPU while running Unigine. Can't reliably say what the noise is like when gaming — the stock CPU cooler always drowns out the other components :(

Given GPU availability and pricing when I purchased my components, I just nabbed the first one that came in stock at MRSP. I didn't consider the blower/internal aspect of things, but I've been satisfied so far.

  • 16 months ago
  • 1 point

Thank you. And your cable management looks amazing! How did you do that?

  • 15 months ago
  • 1 point

Thank you! Sorry for the delayed reply. The front I/O cables were taped to the bottom of the case. The PSU cables were tucked into the rails on the top edge of the case as much as possible. I used fishing wire to tie them to the bar.

  • 14 months ago
  • 1 point

You wrote that you carry this on flights. Is there any problem with airport security? And do you carry monitor as well? If yes what model?

  • 14 months ago
  • 1 point

I haven't travelled with mine yet, but I chose the SG13 because it's small enough to bring as a carry on. I don't imagine it'd be any different going through security than travelling with a laptop (x-ray if flying, etc.).
My monitor is a Samsung LS22F352FHNXZA I got on sale years ago. It does 60Hz and that's about it. I'd probably wrap it in clothes and put it in my suitcase if I was travelling with it.

  • 16 months ago
  • 1 point

Dude is Rx580 working fine on corsair sf450?

  • 15 months ago
  • 2 points

Yep, working fine so far.

  • 15 months ago
  • 1 point

Thanks :)

  • 14 months ago
  • 1 point

No issues with the 580 and a 450W PSU?

  • 14 months ago
  • 1 point

Nope, none so far.

  • 4 months ago
  • 1 point

RX580 How about benchamark when 100% GPU load is there no problem on PSU SF450?