Ever since I saw the Fury X I wanted to make a build using it. Only thing was, was that I was already trying to piece together a Mini-ITX challenge build. The challenge was to use the least number of companies to build a Mini-ITX PC, that was water-cooled.

First it was the CPU, it was the age old battle of Intel vs. AMD. I knew both of them made CPU's as well as SSDs. The fight eventually went to Intel for 2 reasons. The first being heat, the second was that I hadn't built an Intel machine yet, so I figured why not. Once I had decided Intel, I then had to choose which one. There was the debate between i5 or i7 and of course the debate between which gen. Skylake was soon to be coming out(within 2 weeks), however the hold up was on the motherboard, and I didn't want to wait around for a month before the Mini-ITX boards were out. Inevitably I went with an i7-4790K, the things a beast.

Next, I wondered who made the most of the remaining components, and I eventually threw it to Corsair. So I snagged the Corsair H750i, it was on sale and I couldn't pass up the Platnium rating. Also I knew having a modular power supply would be pretty vital. RAM to me doesn't mean much, so I happened to get the 1600hz 2x8GB kit of Corsair Vengeance because it was on sale. The Corsair 250D is the smallest case Corsair offers(that i know of), so that just took the time of looking at all the Mini-ITX cases they had and finding the smallest one. The liquid cooler. This one I was iffy about. Before the fury X became available I knew the h100i would fit in this case, but after it came out I wasn't sure if the case could support both the Fury X rad and the h100i rad. Fortunately is does. The H100i's cables are a little snug in the back corner of the case with the mobo being there but it just takes patience.

After that all I had to do was worry about a mobo and graphics card manufacturer. Before the Fury X I was going to put my Zotac 980ti in there, so a Zotac mobo to go with it. (Side note, I wish I had gotten an Asus 980ti but after several deals it was like 100 price difference between the Zotac and the Asus one. I got these back in June so a ways before I thought I'd go through with this build. The reason why I wish I would have gotten the Asus one is because of the Asus monitor I got. Gotta match them Manufacturers.) As I already had the Asus monitor I figured I would go with Asus for a mobo and the Fury X.

I'm still working on getting the rest of the peripherals for this build though. Gotta get everything to match. So I'm gonna get one of the RGB backlit Corsair Keyboards, and their RGB mouse. However, I'm still debating on whether I should go Asus or Corsair for my headset. If anyone sees this and has a suggestion on Headsets, put in the comments.

Part Reviews


Probably more powerful than I needed, but totally worth it.

CPU Cooler

Quiet and cool. Fits snugly in the 250D.


Asus makes a fine Mobo, very fine. I plan on using the M.2 later on.


Fast, easy to install, and decent capacity. A little pricier than other SSDs of this capacity, but I was willing to pay the higher pricepoint for the Intel branding.

Video Card

This thing. This monster. It's a beast, and very hard to get a hold of. It is totally wizard, Anni!


It's a fairly roomy Mini ITX Tower, which is nice to build in, but kind of stinks because its actually fairly large for being a Mini ITX case. Problems: the first time i tried to get off the power button side, side panel it was a pain in the ***. It felt like it had been welded to the rest of case. The front panel air filter has cheap plastic clips, the left one of mine broke already :( I don't really care for the power/reset button. I like seeing the power symbol and this case doesn't have one.

Back on the positive side, this case is very well built, looks nice, and is easy to build a Mini-ITX PC.

Power Supply

I probably didn't need the Platinum rating, but I wanted the best of what would be useful for my build. Two months into use and no problems.


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moar pictures!!!

please thank you

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It's nice to see someone using the fury X. It really is a decent Gpu, and can outperform the 980ti at 4K. :)

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As far as fans go, what was you Intake/Exhaust configuration for this? I have a similar build, and it's getting pretty hot. I'm thinking of putting in two back 80mm fans, as I only have the Fury X's radiator and the H100i's Radiator as Exhaust fans. The h100i is fine, but the Fury X gets pretty hot with the front port as exhaust.

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I don't have a great camera, but i'll try to get more pictures this evening.

This weekend, I'll take it mostly apart and reassemble so people can see it much better.

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