Finally got around to building a new PC. My last personal build was done in 2013 so it was definitely time for an upgrade. I'm happy with how it turned out, even after dealing with a dead PSU at first. I named the build King Paimon because I love horror films and fell in love with the movie Hereditary. This build is supposed to cover all the bases so I don't have to upgrade for a long time.

Part Reviews


No complaints here. Easy to overclock and very powerful.

CPU Cooler

I've always used Corsair AIO coolers and they always seem to work perfectly. This one was super easy to install too.


A wonderful board filled with features. An additional 4-pin connector is an awesome option for overclocking. The RGB is subtle but a nice feature.


The LED's are much brighter than I was expecting, but it is not a bad thing. Chrome still eats all my ram but what can you do.


First time personally using an M.2 and I love it. It's so fast

Video Card

I was very hesitant about this GPU due to all the failing RTX cards. So far no issues, but I will certainly update this if there end up being problems. The only reason it doesn't get 5/5 is because it does run a bit hot at idle, but never reaches over 60 degrees even under load.


This case is perfect. The fan headers in the back along with the CAM software and built-in RGB is awesome. The CAM software is a bit messy, no doubt, but it works. There were no scratches or non-painted areas. It feels super premium and is a pleasure to build in. There's a large opening on the top for cables and plenty of space in the back to route/organize cables. The white is also a really good look.

Power Supply

Originally, I had the Seagate Focus+ 650w PSU but it came dead. Sucks, but I picked this up at my local BestBuy and it's been fine.

Operating System

Well, it's windows. I got the Pro version because I use remote desktop a lot as a Network Engineer.

Case Fan

God damn these things are so quiet. If not for my RGB lights I wouldn't know my PC was on.

Case Fan

Super quiet, not the greatest airflow for radiators.


Using this as a portrait monitor and I really like it. I would give it 5/5 but the viewing angles are worse than I expected. Took a bit of adjustment to get it right but now it looks great.


First time using a 144hz monitor. All I can say is wow. I have really really poor eyesight so I thought it was going to be a waste to get a nice monitor but boy was I wrong. This thing is awesome and might actually be my favorite part of the build. Everything is so damn smooth.


I wish these were a bit longer, but they're extensions so I couldn't expect much. came with plenty of cable combs to make it look neat too.


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Looking at your build compared to my planned build in GDP I can relate to the price point. But how much quicker is the m.2 to the other one thanks.

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Not super noticeable but definitely a quicker boot time

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The M.2 is my boot drive and has my main games on it. The 1TB SSD is for storing clips and streams.